The Condo

SOLD April 10, 2017

I bought the condo December 1, 2016.
Two bedroom, two levels with a basement.  Backs onto farming fields.
Not much renos needed on this flip.
Currently it doesn't have much furniture, nor much decor.  But I'm working on that.
A blank canvas.

And it's on the market, three months later.  Just like that.
My fastest yet, but it's happening.
I'm listing it for $84,900.  Bought it for $63,000.

The kitchen, dining room, front foyer.
Since it is a small condo, the dining room, kitchen and front hallway blend in together.
But it's cozy and comfortable.



It really is amazing what a little bit of paint can do.
I painted the vintage dining chairs.  And the walls went from chocolate to white.
So much fresher now, bright and airy.

Living Room

When I first bought the condo, I didn't have any furniture for the living room so I rented some.
Black.  Did very little for the atmosphere of the room or the entire house.
So it went back.



It took me almost two months, but finally I rented a pretty living room set from Easyhome and it should be arriving in a few weeks.
Soft blue. A house this size needs bright.
I ordered this set online, hasn't arrived yet but will get a pic once it does.

Master Bedroom
Upstairs, I am giving the master bedroom a little bit of attention, making it cozy and relaxing.
 I bought the bed from Wayfair
Still working on painting and styling this room.  Again going for something soft and airy.

The bathroom

Nothing too fancy.  I do like the cool water faucet.

So there you have it.
House flip #4.

Stay tune as I continue the decorating and styling journey of this house.
 Any related posts to this flip can be found under The Condo link.

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