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I am a city girl born and breed moved to the country.
  A blog about country living, animals, rural and urban homesteading.
Sharing step by step my passion for house flipping and renovations.  And old barns.
Home decor, antique and thrifted treasure hunting. 

And walking the journey of life, health and continuing my authentic growth. 

I'm plugging away at reaching my long term goal of being mortgage free, country living.
Flipping houses and farmhouses to get there.

I am a happy single mother of two wonderful children.  
 Traveler.  Home decorator.  Horsey person.  Country girl.
Love the sea.

My children.

Love movies. Have an awesome Christmas addiction. 
Can’t get enough flowers. 
Ridiculously love European castles, English manors and Southern plantations.
Hopeless romantic.

Sometimes I'm blonde and sometimes I'm brunette.

Collector of all things.

 Proud owner of a small business.

Always in my Jeep.
A dedicated roadtripper.

Always with a camera in my hand.

The 80's - loved that blue jacket!

 My happy place is my kids, horses, dogs, cats, chickens...and of course, the old barn. :)

Reside in Ontario, Canada

Contact me at:   the.olde.barn@aol.com

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