Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Everything Is Changing....

These days, I am looking to get more personal on my blog.
 Sure my life is all about renovations and real estate, but that's only the one side.
I feel like there are so many Diane's....the lady Contractor, the country girl, the mother, the daughter,
 someone's sweetheart, someone's friend, the bookkeeper, the blogger....the list goes on.
And what better place to share it than a blog...right?

So a while back I made the decision to change my blog's name, my blog's layout.
Write and chronicle the renos, and write about my personal journey.
They do go hand in hand.

I have for several months been penning various blog posts, but not publishing them.
Writing down my journey, before it gets old and I forget the details.
I write about the renos and the before and after's of them.  A passion that has not slowed down.
The main focus of the blog will always be about the renos...it's a big thing in my life.

I write about the struggles of being an empty-nester.  And living alone.
I write about dating, romance and love.
Cooking, recipes.  Photography.
Home decor. Outdoor landscaping.  Where I shop.
Roadtripping and my passion for driving.  My jeep.
Kinda everything.

I'm slowly changing everything over to the new blog site,
"Diane Reta The Blog"
I just opened up a new Facebook page.
Like the page and follow along!
I will slowly be moving away from "The Olde Barn" page.

Or follow along on my Instagram page.

So folks, lets begin.............


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