Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Captured on my Camera

With each house I buy and flip,
I capture with my camera an image that seems to speak for that house.

They become my favourite of sorts.
Pictures that I took that sum up that house in one single image.

Let's take a look.....

The new cottage house.

The large lot is every inch English gardens.
I snapped this picture of the shed that is nestled in with the gardens.
The flowers take centre stage, but this graceful beauty sits content nestled in.
She adds to the garden's elegance.

The blue farmhouse

You have seen this pic a few times, but it just says farmhouse.
Cozy country warmth.

A rusty old door handle.
For a long time this picture was the mascot for this house.

I captured her on my camera.
A lonely ghost gazing out the old barn window.
From the beginning of the renos I knew something evil went down in this house.
From the covered up evidence on the wall, something rolling around in the shallow well.
Could this poor soul been a victim of a gunshot?  And lifeless body hidden in the well.
A woman with no name missing for a century,  until a lady came along one cold winter day with a camera.

This past January, I was out taking pics of the property and captured her, by accident, on my camera.
When I took the pic, I didn't see her physically.
It wasn't until I was back at home later that day and downloaded the pictures.
Read about it here
Look very closely.
If I never believed in ghosts before, I do now.

The country house flip.

I can't even capture how beautiful this property is.
It's like a park.

The red brick farmhouse.

Everything about this property was photogenic.
But this image was my favourite.

And this one...
She was an old and solid farmhouse, and she was majestic.


Captured with my camera.

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  1. Darling please let me know when you publish the how to book. Not sure if I would want to flip but to be able to renovate a house like this is awesome!