Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The New Blog Name

Diane Reta
The Blog

 If I am anything, I am all about change.
And it was time to change the name of my blog.
The change was long overdue.

For some time now my blog name was bothering me.
The Olde Barn is a great name, but it wasn't personal.  It did not speak of what this blog is about.
The name suggested a blog about barns.  Or some people wanted to book the barn for events.
And of course there is no, per say, old barn.  I just liked the name at the time.

This blog and this journey of mine is very personal.
This blog is not all about flipping houses.  Or moving from the city to the country.
Or my vintage collections.  Or home decor. Or road tripping.
It's all of the above.
This blog is me.  And my journey as I walk the twists and turns of life.
So why not simply change it to my name.
Diane, because it is my name and Reta is my mother's middle name.
I have always liked that spelling of this pretty name.

 It may take a while to change over my website domain name and all things social media,
but I'll get to it eventually.

So welcome to  
Diane Reta 
The Blog

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  1. Enjoy seeing your work on your properties!

  2. You are very talented and I am happy to see you so successful doing something you love. Let me know when you write the how to flip book!