Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Newest House Flip Tour - The Cottage

My newest flip.  I call this sweetheart The Cottage.
Large lot, with beautiful English gardens.
Purchased this house July 21, 2017 for $112,000.

House is in need of updates, but it's easy cosmetic updates.
However, trust me when I say I have my work cut out for me.
It maybe easy cosmetic stuff, but it's every inch of the house...top to bottom.
But having said that, there is just something about this house.  It comfortable. It's soothing.

There is original hardwood under all the carpets, which I am excited to uncover.
Once all the carpets are pulled, will see what kind of condition the floor is in.

This house maybe cute as a button, but it smells like old house.
Time to open up some windows and a fresh coat of paint.

I will make this my home for a while....while the renos are taking place...oh boy, wish me luck!

 Let's take a walk through.


  The Living and Dining Rooms
Standing in the diningroom, looking into the living room.
The exterior door to the left leads to the front porch.

As beautiful as the radiators are, I may look into having them removed and update the heating/cooling system.
They just seem to dominate the room.

Standing in the living room, looking into the diningroom.
I'm not a fan of built-ins, so that little shelf on the right may have to go.

Still standing in the livingroom, the door to the right leads into the master bedroom.
Loving the tall ceilings throughout the house.  Check out the baseboards...amazing!

Master bedroom
I am thinking of using this room as my office.

The kitchen.
I am not a fan of bulkheads over cabinets, so I would like to look into taking them down if nothing is behind it.
Maybe paint the cabinets.

The bathroom and laundry room combo.
The main (and only) bathroom is combined with the laundry room.
Will give it some time to figure how I want this area to unfold.

The 2nd floor.
These few pics are the upstairs landing.
Not sure why they left behind a bed boxspring.  They did leave a lot of garbage behind.

Looking the opposite way.

Two bedrooms upstairs.

The guest bedroom.

The other bedroom.
This is the one I will most likely sleep in, it overlooks the beautiful gardens.

 The Sunroom
Back downstairs again, the sunroom.
This rooms leads out to the gardens.
I have mentioned the gardens a few times haven't I.
I am starting to think I may have bought this house just for the gardens alone!

The gardens.
I'm in heaven.....

The Cottage.
Are we ready to begin the transformation of this sweet house!
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  1. Oh Diane, this house has so much potential! I love the wood trim downstairs and the fact there is hardwood under the carpeting will be worth looking into fixing up. The gardens are pretty and you'll have fun trying to find out what all is growing there. lol This will be a big and fun renovation and I'll enjoy following along the journey.

  2. Diane...this one is so sweet! The gardens are gorgeous and with a little work will be back to their glory! Can't wait to see what you do with this one!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG