Tuesday, May 2, 2017

What Lies Beyond

There is an empty lot.  There is a local legend.  There is a cemetery.
Or is there?

I am finding this so fascinating I have to share with you guys.

This past weekend I checked out a vacant lot to possibly build.
I have been in the last few months viewing vacant parcels of land, and even putting offers on a few of them.
I go check this one out on Saturday.  In the country, almost an acre, on the outskirts of a small town, population very tiny.
Beautiful rural setting.

And dead people.  With no headstones.
There is an apparent abandoned cemetery on this lot.
Allegedly at the back of the property is an old abandoned pioneer settlement cemetery. Or so the locals have claimed.
No headstones, no indication at all that human bodies are in their final resting places.
Not even a old church next door that might suggest that it could be a possibility.

When I get there I can see that the alleged cemetery is outlined in yellow flags.
You can see them slightly in this pic below, look close, it is the little spots of yellow you see.

The Seller of the property is disclosing they believe that an abandoned cemetery is on the property.
However, it is not a declared cemetery by the Township.
The locals over the years have claimed that a cemetery once existed on this site.
 A GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) was brought in to scan the site. 
 Anomalies were found on the highest spot on the lot.  
No anomalies showed up below the perimeter of the “hill”.  (The hill is about half way back on the north side of the lot).  
It is accepted that the site is an abandoned pioneer cemetery.  I am not exactly sure who excepted this, possibly the GPR operator?

Small flags have been placed to show the area where anomalies were found.

I went ahead and put an offer in, the same day I saw it.
As we negotiate I am doing as much research and leg work as I can.
As of this time, there is no official Township record of this cemetery.
I am still trying to get answers from the Township.
 I'm going to assume that I either build around the remains, or have them moved elsewhere.
I will most likely have to pay for an archeological assessment.

 I found a local newspaper article where a family started to build and came across human remains.
And they were deemed responsible for the cost of moving them.
  The cost to re-inter the bodies were $500 to $1,000 each.  They ended up with a $100,000 bill.

So before I go ahead with any notion to purchase this land I will look very closely into this.
But it really fascinates me.
The present owners bought it in 1998 for $25K.  Started listing on the market in 2000.
So for 17 years they have been trying to sell this lot.
I put in an offer of $12K and think that is very fair.  Comparing it to other vacant lots in the area.
Plus I have to install a well and septic.
We can't settle on a price. ??  They should take it and run!

 I'll say it again, this really fascinates me.
It's very sad isn't it.
To be forever forgotten.  Buried in an unmarked grave.
Family members will never know your location, your story, where you ended up.
I feel very connected to this lot.
I fell in love with it the first time I saw it.
Won't lie though, it creeps me out a bit, but at the same time totally fascinates me!

If I had the money, I would buy this property just to unearth them, identify them, give them a headstone and bury them properly.

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  1. How interesting! It is incredible there is no record of the cemetery anywhere. I understand your fascination with the lot. I would think if the present owners have been selling for 17 years they should be grateful for your offer!
    Take care.

  2. It is fascinating! I'd like to know how they classify an anomaly in their survey!