Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Bungalow Reno Updates

The Bungalow renovations have been steady coming together.

Over the winter we worked on the crawlspace, adding floor joists for extra support.
Major plumbing done outside, a problem with the septic lines, problem now solved.
And a new roof was installed on the house.
This month I slowly started to work on the interior.


What a mess....

Then changed my mind completely on how I wanted it to look.
So we started all over again....luckily we were not that far along.

Getting started with the interior....
Before works gets started I took samples of the ceiling to the Health Lab to get tested/checked for asbestos.  There were none....yeah!
I do this with all my houses I renovate.  Safe then sorry right!

The entire inside of the house was paneled top to bottom.
We started to pull all the panelling down, to replace with drywall.
When the drooping ceiling came down, instead of replacing it with drywall, we constructed a vaulted ceiling with what was there.
I am so glad I went this route, it was what I wanted from the beginning.
I had a vision for this house and I made it happen.

I want to style the house with an elegant, relaxing, rustic theme.
My colour thoughts are white, brown, neutrals, bronze, brass and vintage.

The kitchen got expanded.
I am going with Nimble white shaker cabinets.

This light fixture will be going into the new vaulted ceiling dining room.
I ordered it online from Wayfair
Once I placed this order, I got super excited about how the dining room is going to look.
Isn't it beautiful!!


I'm going with dark flooring.
White walls.
White kitchen.

The new kitchen is the Nimble white Shaker cabinets.
Getting them from Lowes.

Outside, the landscaping is seeing some changes.



 I am burning the debris coming from the renos....I try to keep as much out of the landfill sites as possible.
Tree thinning is happening to make the lot look cleaner and groomed.
They all get loaded onto a trailer and taken to a city waste management site to get mulched.  It's free to drop off your branches, trees, shrubs. 

In a few weeks I will be painting the back deck.
And the front door is getting a facelift with a 6 panel steel door.

Our projection date to get it on the market is the first week of June.
So we are working steady on this house.
Everyday the changes inside are just starting to look amazing!!
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  1. Looking forward to seeing the end product and your success in selling the home!!!