Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Bungalow Flip Tour

I purchased this property October 31, 2016
Bought it at $70,000.


I hope to put it back on the market in the $195,000 price range once the renovations are complete.
It is a four bedroom bungalow, located in small town South Western Ontario, in Chatham-Kent county.

 Work on this house started January 2017.
First order of business was the crawl space floor joists and plumbing. 
The house was abandoned before I bought it, a bank repo.  During that winter the water pipes burst.
The crawl-space was covered in water and mud.

This past winter (January 2017), I hired a company to dry out the area and lay vapour barrier.
Then new floor joists were added to jack the floor that was dipping in sections of the house.  And to add extra support for the house.
The foundation is good.

Plumbing was addressed next.  Replaced and ready to go.
Then we discovered the sewage pipe was backed up.
It was an intense and expensive fix to run new piping underground.
For three days straight there were tons of people, tons of vehicles, a digger, you name it and it was there.
But the job got done and plumbing is flowing the way it should.

So let's take a tour of what the house looks like now with some before and afters.

The Outside
Bit of a jungle.
First thing in the Spring I started to clear some of the trees.  Bring in some sunshine.
Just a few trees, not that many.  I like the look of the house nestled in among the trees.


As of  April 24, 2017
Still early spring and the leaves haven't grown back. But a few trees have come down at this point.

Clear this garden bed.  Yup, that is a massive boulder in this garden.  
Will clear away the weeds and go from there.

The backyard.  Scary....simply scary.
I introduce it to a lawn mower once the snow left in the early spring. 
There is a small travel trailer in the back and a steel box/shipping container.  Looking to remove both of them.
The pool.  Although it is super dirty right now, I do entertain the idea of cleaning it up and keeping it.
But if I want to keep the pool, I will have to consider putting a fence around by-law.

The Interior

Here is a look at the before.  Before the demo started.

The living room and dining room.

The first order of business with this reno was the all panelling came down.
Then drywall went up.

The long rectangle shape space comprises of living room and dining room.
It saw the biggest change in renovations.
The living room area and front foyer went from 8ft to 9ft.
And the dining room area went from 8ft to a vaulted ceiling.

The renos under construction.

The kitchen

Gone is this kitchen.  I will be using this room for storage or an office.
Since the house does not have a full basement, storage areas are limited.
I thought this would work for that.  Or this room could be used as an office or bedroom.

The new kitchen area.
I moved the kitchen into the master bedroom and ensuite section.
Giving the kitchen a new large and roomy space.  The bay window gives a view of the backyard.
The door to the left leads to the backyard deck and pool.
New supports were installed in the ceiling.  However it remains at 8ft.
This room is side by side with the family room, and it has an 8ft ceiling.
I wanted the new kitchen and the family room ceilings to be symmetric.

Family room
Not much will change in this room.
It will get the same flooring the rest of the house is getting.  And a fresh coat of paint.

The bathroom
  This room will not see much change.  New flooring and maybe a new sink cabinet.
A new toilet has already gone in, I did that the same time as the plumbing changed back in the winter.
But the burgundy bathtub stays.  I will style it with a shower curtain to take away the bold colour as best I can.
The door leading into the bathroom has to be replaced.
The old door was cut in such a way that the top of the 6 panelling door was missing.  It looked very odd.
So I had my crew change the 77inch height opening and install a new 80in height.
All the interior doors are 28inches wide.

The bedrooms
Three bedrooms are located behind a door leading off the foyer/living room area.

The lilac room
This room will see little change.
We have already removed a built-in bookcase.  The closet area to the left of the photo below will be removed.
The new closet to this room will be built to the right of the old one.

The yellow room

After (as of May 22, 2017)
The old closet you see in the pic above was converted into two closets.
To the left is a six foot space for the new master bedroom.  And beside it is a new 3ft smaller closet for this room.
Other changes to this room is the protruding closet from the lilac room.
Literally the boxed in closet just sticks out into this room.  Leaving this room with weird dimensions, a chopped up space.
The said closet is coming down to allow an open space for this room. The new closet will be built at the entrance to the room.
Not a great picture below, but hopefully you get a gist of the plan.

The blue/pink room

After (as of May 22, 2017)
This room is the largest of the three bedrooms.
And since the old master bedroom got converted to the kitchen, I choose this room as the new master.
It had a small plywood closet.  We removed this small closet and built a new 6ft one.
This room is getting new drywall, flooring, light fixture.

The alcove

The old master bedroom
As mentioned, is the new kitchen.

Take the before tour and the updated after renos as we go along.
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