Sunday, April 2, 2017

Details, Decor, Detours

What do I mean by Details, Decor and Detours?
For starters, a little bit of news....this past week I sold the Condo.
I made the announcement on Instagram and Facebook
So let's have a look at how that relates to Details, Decor and Detours.

Now is the time to get organized.  Make plans.  Go shopping.
Won't lie, financially things have been tight for me these last few months.
I patiently waited for the farmhouse to sell, listed it last December.  No offers to-date.  Nothing.
When you flip houses, you have to keep that even balance of selling and purchasing homes.
So then late March 2017, I listed the city condo.  It sold within two weeks.  With a quick closing date of April 10.
This is great, this will give me the funds to continue the renos plans to the remaining three flip houses.

A quick look at what needs to be done on the three properties I currently have....

The farmhouse

Renos are done.  Small things could be addressed.  I will be putting in a few new doors.
Clean out the one barn.
Other than that, I am patiently waiting for it to sell.
We finished the renos end of December, and to-date still on the market.  Not sold.
Won't lie, it is very much concerning me.  I have come down in price twice.  I have had a lot of showings.
But it just won't move?  I don't get it, it's so cute.
I know I have to be patient, but I am fast running out for this property.

The Country House

Last month demos started on the pretty little country house.
This month I have scheduled my contractor to begin work on the house.
Starting with the crawlspace work, eventually making our way to the interior renos.
 I am chronicling in detail the renos of all three properties on my Craigco Homes Instagram.
Concentrating on this house more particular right now.

I am so excited to get the ball rolling on this house.
I have some awesome changes I want to make with this house.
Try new things, style it.  See the before and after come to life.
That's what I love about my job!

The Bungalow

The bungalow is near completion with renos.  All the major work is done, crawlspace, roof, plumbing.
I have been sitting on this property for a bit.
My gut instincts tells me I could do fairly well with this house.  I just have to let ideas grow.
With it's location, community, street it's on and the overall style and structure of this house, it's got potential.
Plus a little bit more time.  Sometimes playing the waiting game is crucial in this flipping business.

 I want to try my hand at board and batten.
Still want to look at the possibly of creating a vaulted ceiling for this house.  I keep changing my mind about the ceiling treatment in this house.  But right now, this is my direction.
With a vaulted ceiling I would want some beams, maybe beadboard.
This is why I am sitting on this property.  So many ideas.

Decor and Detours

I combined these last two because they essentially go together.
After I hand over the condo keys next week, I am hitting the road.
And I will be shopping for these houses.
Making my way through America and to the Canadian Maritimes.

I have spent days and hours making decisions on what I will need to buy.
Where I want to get them.
From hardware stores, big box stores, right down to antique shops.

I am gathering a list for each individual house. And focus on what needs to be bought.
I'm sure as renos are underway there will be tons more that will be bought,
but for starters this is what I will be gathering.

Bedding, rugs, outdoor living

World Market 
Lighting and rugs


Lighting, flooring, ceramic tiles
Lumber, tools, hardware

Antique shops
As I make my way along my road trip, I am planning to make several stops in antique stores.
With my staging I like to combine old and new.
The new is the easy part - pop in a store buy what you like, or order online.
It's the older stuff that gets challenging.
I will be on the hunt for vintage, antiques and architectural salvage.
And although I have been collecting vintage for years, I may have to include additional pieces to spread over three houses.
So I'm on the hunt for something old, something unique, something not expensive.
As I stop at each shop I will take pics and post them on my on IG and FB.

Timeframe & Road Route
Starting next week, after the condo sale closes, I will be taking the complete month and traveling it.
I will start in Michigan, crossing at the Sarnia boarder.
I will make my way south toward Tennessee.  Then I have a two day spa appointment in South Carolina.
From there I will head north east toward the Canadian Maritimes.
I am looking to spend a few days in PEI.
Prince Edward Island is known for antiques, red sandy beaches and of course Anne of Green Gables.

Looking forward to being on the road again. :)

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  1. good luck on your journey - and stay safe! Can't wait to see what you purchase!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG