Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Antique Roadtrip

I just returned from a seven day road trip, and I antiqued it all the way!
I made a special trip to Spartanburg, South Carolina for a two day spa treatment.
But on route, I stoped at a few antique shops....and took my time!

My time in Spartanburg was the best experience....I'm going to be talking about it in an upcoming separate post!

Check out some of the most beautiful treasures I saw along the way.

First stop was Canton, Ohio.  Then I traveled south.
Stopping in Wytheville, Virginia.

And then I wonder over to the antique shop across the way at Antique Station.

Spent some time in a few World Market stores.

And Lowes

Knoxville, Tennessee
I fell in love with this shop, Bearden Antique Mall
Really I meant it, I could live there!

And these are some of the things I bought.

Chandelier from World Market

Antique clock

Large mirror.

Harp table.

Confederate soldiers art.

It's good to be back home, but it always takes me a while to adjust back to non-road life.
I so much love road tripping, sometimes it feels like there is just not enough road!
Loving, and I mean loving my new antiques!!

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