Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Southern Salon Comes to the Rescue

I have just returned from my Southern roadtrip.
And I want to talk about the amazing spa experience I had.  My sole purpose of this trip was to go to one salon.

Sure I antiqued all the way and back, but I had one destination and it was
The Lauren Ashtyn Collection
A hair salon in Spartanburg, South Carolina.
They maybe my newest Sponsor, but truth be told I am pretty sure I begged them to be my Sponsor!
Let me talk about why.....


This blog post will be a personal post.  A very personal post.
My hair thinning.
Yes, as I age, and colour my hair I was finding my hair was thinning on the top.
Not drastically noticeable, but ever so slightly.  Enough that it made me notice.
It was embarrassing for me.  I wouldn't mention it to anyone.
I curled it, moved my hair this way and that way to try to hide it, then hair sprayed it to death!
I mean I wouldn't even tell my own sister about this problem I was having, and now I am telling thousands!!

Let me start at the beginning.
My hair my entire life has been thin.  But I always had a lot of hair, so it made up for it.
About two years ago,  for the first time I coloured my hair blonde.
I loved it then, I still love being a blonde.  And want to continue to be this colour.
But I worried about the health of my hair and scalp due to the colouring.
And more so, after I started noticing it was thinning.
Up to this point, in these two years, I have coloured it three (3) times.
I was letting the roots grow back over the winter, mainly to let my hair breath.

So I started to think about extensions.
Give my hair a boost.  When I go out in public, it's very important to me to look my best.
I am not a glamour queen, but I pride myself on looking clean, professional and classy when I step outside my door.
Even when I head out to one of my construction sites, no difference.
I may not put hammer to nail, but I am the owner of these properties, and it's important to me to look professional.
But my hair started to become problematic for me.
  Made me self conscious of it. It was even starting to get me down.

Source - tlac_natalie

Then I took to the internet.  Looked at different salons in my area.
I'm thinking hair extensions would do the trick for me.
The more and more I look, I am becoming discouraged.... nothing.
I see a lot of those extensions that are hair strips and they clip on.
But this is not what I had in mind, what I was looking for or what would work for me.

Not finding anything in my local area, I start to expand my search.
I look in the Toronto area, maybe the big metropolitan will have something.  Anything. But found nothing.
And all the while....I'm not really sure what it is that I am looking for.

Then one day I am going through my personal Facebook feed, and The Lauren Ashtyn Collection pops up.
A salon that offers unique hair extensions.
I am interested in the one piece extension, with four clips to secure them into your hair.
Not wigs, but extensions of hair that blend in with your own hair.
This is exactly what I was looking for!

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection

 I am very interested.
I start to follow this salon.  Everytime one of their video comes on, I study it.
I watch all the before and afters.  Other woman with similar hair type and experiences.
Within a few months I knew this is what I am looking for.  This is exactly what I was looking for.
Then I take my plan into action.
Once again, I take to the Internet.  Looking for similar product in my own community, or as far as Toronto.
Again, nothing.
I knew that if I wanted this unique one piece hair extension, I had to go and check it out for myself. 

Yes they ship.  But I needed to see for myself what's what.
And I knew that if it was something I wanted to endorse I needed to see it in real life.
So I put together a road trip.  A trip to Spartanburg, South Carolina.  It's not really that far, 12 hours.
And I am so happy I did.  Best experience you could ask for.
True to their word and more.  They have the most beautiful volume hair extensions.
They attached to the top of  hair via clips.
Open them to install them on the top of your head, and clip them in place.
To take them off, open the clips and remove.  That easy.
They have two choices in volume.  A root coverage and a full coverage.
I went with the root coverage.  I just wanted extra volume to blend in with my own hair.
They also offer all sorts of other hair extensions products, but I am just writing about what I went with.

My first day I meet with Natalie.  The best of the best!
Stylist extraordinaire.
Colours my hair to match my extension. At the shampoo sink gives my scalp a mini massage.
Cuts my hair.  Drys it.  Curls it.
Making sure everything was to perfection before I left her chair.  And it was perfect!

Day two.  I return to get the extension piece.
We try on a few colours.  A few different products, or toppers as I call them.
In this picture below, I'm trying on the full volume extension.
 Having a bit of fun with the long hair!

And get this....they offer extra personal care services.
Makeup, eyelash extensions, eyebrow name a few.
A true, one stop shopping.  I totally LOVE this place!

I am genuinely introducing this salon because of their unique hair extensions.
And to bring awareness to those of you out there that might be looking for that something to cover up thinning spots in your hair.
Or just looking for a new look.
I have bought one of the extensions myself and hands down, give it a thumps up!
They do ship.  Contact them directly and they will walk you through the procedure.
They send it to you.  You get your own stylist to cut it for you.


My next one I will be getting it shipped to me.
Although what the heck, maybe I will hit the road again and pay another visit to Spartanburg, SC.
And for my Blog, Facebook and IG friends, they are offering Free Shipping to both Canada and USA.
 And those of you who visit or contact them, tell you I sent you!
When you order online they will ask if you have a discount code for the free shipping, enter "theoldebarn".

Free Shipping Code

Thank you Astytn for your brilliant entrepreneur idea and putting it out're a rock star!
 The Lauren Ashtyn Collection 
I am one happy lady with lovely blond locks!

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