Friday, March 3, 2017

DIY Rustic Photo Frame

I love my horses and I equally love to photograph them.
For so long I wanted to develop the pics, frame and display them in my home.
So for the last few weeks I have been busy building my own rustic frames.
Loving how they turned less than perfect, but perfect to me DIY frames.

 I'm teaming up with Wayfair for a DIY on Display
A fun how to project building your own picture frames.

I wanted a specific look for the frame, something uber country.
And a bit rough around the edges look.

Finding the right look, finding the right board
Keeping with the vintage rustic look I wanted, I started with some old barnboard I had,
but because of it's age and frailty it kept breaking as I cut it.
Then I considered pallets but they were too thick for the look I wanted.
So I ended up going to the lumber store.  But even that took me a long while to find the perfect board.
Finally at Lowes I found some fencing boards.
Priced at $2.20 a board, each board was 4ft in length x 5in wide.  Perfect.

Here's how you do it
I set out to cut them.  But when I did cut them on the tablesaw, they were too perfectly cut.
Still not the look I wanted.
So I asked one of my workers who had a hand saw to cut the strips of wood I needed.  Perfection.
With my less than perfect pieces, here's how I put it together....

Measurements: Cut board 2in in width
Cut two strips of 17.5in for the length and cut two strips of 10.5in for the top and bottom pieces.

Glue the 4 sides together.
I used wood glue.

To secure the glue in place, I used my staple gun on all four corners.

Wiped away any excess glue.
Let it dry overnight.

Then it was time to paint it.
First I lightly sanded the wood.
Wanting a light coat of white paint on my frame, I made my own milk paint/white wash.
Take a little bit of Annie Sloan chalk paint and in a container added some water.
Mix it to the consistency you want.

I gave each frame two coats.

Not wanting to spend big bucks on a glass protection insert,
at the the dollar store I picked up cheap frames, removed the glass insert.
Glue them to the back of your frame.
I bought a few 11x14 and 8x10's.  So far my frames are 11x14, but I plan to build the smaller frames as well.

Once that glue is dry and your glass in permanently in place, place your pic.
To keep my picture in place, I gently glued the four corners of my photo to my frame.

To save on the cost of developing my photos, I got them printed at Staples on stock coated paper.
It cost me $.49 each pic.  And they came out the same quality, or close to it, as a developed photo print.

Next I added small steel corner plates.  Adding to the rustic look. 
I picked mine up at Home Hardware and Lowes.
I glued one in each corner of my frame.

Lastly to hang my frame up, I didn't have any hooks or hanging wire, so I put a few staples from my gun at the top back of my frame for hanging.
I might change this later, lets see how they hold up on the wall.

Now I have my rustic gallery of horses.
I placed them in my city condo....adding a little bit of country to my city home!

Thank you so much Wayfair for letting me be a part of your team.
Beautiful stuff, excellent quality, easy get around website, friendly customer service and speedy delivery...right to your door.

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Wayfair. All opinions are my own.

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