Saturday, March 25, 2017

It's All In The Name

It always surprises me a bit when someone asks me the name of my construction business.
I always hesitate and say....I don't have one.

This week I am talking with my bookkeeper and he asks me what the name of my construction business is....I hesitate and say....I don't have one.

 He told me it might be time to get one. So I did. CraigCo Homes.
 I am going to see how this year progresses with the business before I start to consider incorporating it.
He did advise me on the benefits of incorporating, but however for today I am happy to finally have a name. 

 So on the heals of this decision, I started a brand new Instagram page where I will be documenting step by step the renos in detail. 
 CraigCo Homes

I try to keep the renos to a minimum here on The Olde Barn blog, my blog FB and Instagram. 
I try to keep this blog personal and home decor related.
So the new CraigCo Homes website, coming soon, and IG account will chronicle the renovations in detail.
Here on the blog I will still talk house flipping renos, but it maybe more of how it is affecting my personal growth, my plans for decorating the houses, decorating mood boards, etc.  And when the flip houses sell I will discuss the financial details.
I will continue to talk about upcoming road trips.

A year ago I made the decision to start a house flipping journey, the sole purpose to gain my goal of living country, mortgage free.
But as the year progressed and I purchase a total of four houses and started working on them and selling them, it grew to be so much more for me.
I love this.
It just seems so nature for me.  I love going to my sites everyday.  My sub-contractors implementing my vision.
Making decisions.  Seeing this all come alive.
I did this.

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