Sunday, March 5, 2017

I Have Never Watched Fixer Upper True Story

Yes true story folks, I have never watched the HGTV show Fixer Upper.
Shocker I know. :)
Matter of fact, I don't watch any renovation shows on TV.
Double matter of fact, I don't watch any reality shows.
Triple matter of fact, I'm a lady contractor so maybe it's time to start.


I will say that about a year ago I did tried to watch the pilot of Fixer Upper, but never finished it.
Then sometime later I tried to watch another episode and never finished that.
I'm by no means saying anything is wrong with this show, I just simply watch other programs.
I'm more of a non-reality TV watcher.  I like to be entertained with drama, murder mysteries, anything BBC.
I like to be taken into a make-believe world when I sit down to watch some tube.

Actually...back up a bit, I have watched a few episodes of Texas Flip and Move, and Beachhouse Flip....that was a cool watch.

Of course I know who Joanna and Chip Gaines are.
But I have never realty studied her style, I know she is all about farmhouse.
So as of today, I have made the commitment to read her blog, which I didn't even know she had one until I read about it from another blogger.
Some days I think I know nothing! yikes.  How did I not know about Joanna's blog!
But I have started and am loving it.  And studying to my hearts content. :)

I am all about the academics when it comes to renos and staging.
I get more from studying decor design and construction than I do from watching it.
I find on TV the images go really quickly and you can't have a good look at what they did in detail.
And I am all about detail.
I like to read and take my time educating myself on various styles, ideas and spaces.
So that's what I will be doing for the next few weeks, reading Joanna's blog.

Let me tell you what prompted me to pen this post.
I am a huge fan of the Liz Marie Blog
Her decor style, I gather so much inspiration.  She is a good person, a kindred spirit.
Did I mention her style is out of this world!


 Definitely someone to follow.
Recently she visited the Magnolia Silos in Texas, with paint company Kilz.
And of course I followed along on her IG.  

This is the paint I use in all my construction/renovation houses.
It is my fave paint choice.


 I didn't know much of the company, just that they had good quality paint.
When one of my houses are at the paint stage, I don't think twice, I just grab the Kilz and away I go.
I buy mine at Home Depot.  I not sure if they are sold anywhere else.

Painting is a big part of my business.  I do a lot and I mean a lot of painting.
I have tried other brands of paint and paint and primer, but always come back to Kilz.
*I just want to mention, this is not a sponsored post, I'm just sharing that I'm impressed with this brand.*

Current farmhouse flip

 Not only is Kilz the best price primer out there, but I use it for regular painting as well.
It works for new drywall, and also painting over dark paint colours.
In the condo I am currently painting over the chocolate walls, I though for sure the chocolate would bleed into the primer paint I am using....nope.  Can't even see the dark colour at all.

In the pic below, the wall behind the paint can use to be a dark chocolate...awesome.

And best news yet, they are coming out with Chalk Paint.  I for one can't wait to try it out.
As much as I love Annie Sloan, I have been for a while on the lookout for a new brand.
Will admit, it is very expensive for the little can of paint you get.
And I paint a lot of furniture.

Anyway, I'm off....I have a lot of reading to do!

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  1. I am a huge fan of Liz Marie. I love watching the progress on her farmhouse. I live about an hour and half from Waco, so we've been to the silos and love watching a show so close to home. I actually got to meet Chip Gaines a few years ago before the show got a huge following. I love your style and visiting your blog.