Sunday, February 19, 2017

Launching My New Etsy Shop

I mentioned briefly in my last post about opening a new online shop.
This post I am formally introducing it.

Just Teacups on Etsy

 Just teacups for now, plates and teapots I will be adding down the road.

  I remember the first time I held a teacup in my hand.
On my 17th birthday, my mother gave me my first fine china dinner set.

 Up to that point, I was a typical teenager.
Just finishing up my final year of high school.  Wondering where my life would go from there.

It was pink, it was elegant, it was dainty.  It was the most beautiful gift I had every received in my life.

 That pivotal moment would lay the map on my appreciation for these fine pieces of porcelain for years to come.
As I grew into a woman, married and raised a family on my own, I have always stayed close to my passion for fine china.

That same year on Christmas, my 17th Christmas, she gave me my first Christmas dishes.
That year was a pretty good one wasn't it!

Around the same time I was introduced to the actual drink of tea.
I am thinking this is what put into motion her starting these collections.
She just knew me.
For years after that she would add one place setting per year, or another piece to either one of these patterns.

I love it all, both fine china and transferware.
Don't have a preference for them both equally.
And sell both styles in my shop.

Since I opened up my Etsy shop last week, I have been busy photographing my teacups for sale.
In the next few weeks I should be including plates and placesettings as well.
But for now, my main focus is just teacups.

I also opened up a new Instagram page for my new shop.
Displaying images of my new listings, or just posting some pics of pretty teacups I have.
Just Teacups on Instagram, follow along if you're on IG.

 As most of you know I own a house construction business.
I renovate houses and stage them.
Of late I have not been feeling my decorating groove, the reno side of things taking every thought in my head.
The other day I was out antiquing and came across a lovely vintage teacup, my heart ever so lightly skipped a bit.
When I came home I decided right there and then this is what I needed.
I opened up a teacup shop online.  Since then, I feel it all coming back, I've got my decorating groove back!
I am steady laying out plans to what and where I am purchasing items to style each house.
And I am feeling so very, very excited about.  And there's a trip coming up....road trip!!
Thank you teacups.

But here's something ironic, what to know a secret.....
when I do make myself a spot of tea, it's actually in a hearty coffee mug....go figure.
This is the woman I am!

Follow along my new Etsy journey.
Just Teacups

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  1. I happen to love tea cups! I wish you success.