Sunday, February 5, 2017

French Country Condo

Since I moved into the condo last December I have had a tough time decided how I wanted to style this home.
I just couldn't seem to get my mojo for this two story city condo.
 But alas, I think I have found my direction - french country style.

I am a true believer in decorating with what you like and not what is trending.
No harm in seeing what everyone else is buying and styling, always nice to have ideas and the where to go if you do decide to make the purchase.
But overall, I live by go with what you like.
So instead of trying to make it city style, I decided to just decor it Diane style.
So french country it is.

Let's start at the beginning.

When I came here last December I quick rented some furniture from Easy Home.
Can't have a house without furniture I thought.
I thought wrong.
The black furniture was really deflating my spirits.
I didn't like the dark colour in this small space.
So I called Easy Home and told them to come get it.

Then I had no furniture.  Literally none at all.  You would think that would bother me....nope.
I'm an empty-nester, I'm sorta doing my own thing now.

 So no furniture it was until I make a decision with were I was going with this condo's style.
In fact it makes it easier for me to think.
Every time I go into the living/dining room areas I chuckle. The room echos.

Let's have a look at what I am piecing together.

Living Room

Like this classic tufted style sofa.  Am thinking white sofa and a love seat.


My main focus for this room is a media wall unit.
I am looking for a unit with height.
It will be going on a long wall, I hoping it pulls the room together.
Not that I ever watch TV.  I'm a laptop streaming kinda girl.
I'm looking on Kijiji for one at the moment.
There is one I have my eye on, it had doors to enclose the TV.  If I get it I will be painting it white.
This pic below is just for image purpose only.  Just giving you an idea what I have in mind, or close to it.


Love the faded antique look of this rug.

Rugs USA

Dining Room
The area is very small, so will have to be creative.

This modern farmhouse chanty will look perfect.


A round dining table or maybe a glass table.
Not sure which style yet, I may get the chairs first and go from there.


White cane back chairs.
I like this idea of keeping the cane stained and painting the rest of the chair white.
If you never painted cane, let me tell you not an easy task.


A jute rug under the table set.
Rugs just make a room cozy and inviting.

Pottery Barn

Master Bedroom
I already have this iron bed in my room.
Looks perfect.  I am wanting to add an area rug, curtains and some side tables.



Rugs USA

Guest Room
A smaller room for the kids when they come home or for visitors.
I am putting a double bed in there, with a pretty headboard and linens.

JC Penny


I really like the white ruffled show curtain that I used from my old farmhouse.
I was going to put it in the current farmhouse, but have decided to bring it to the condo.
Should give the soft french style I am trying to achieve.

It's all in the detail right.....

I am wanting to pickup a vintage china cabinet to house some of my fine dishes.
The more vintage the better.

I follow a retailer/vendor on Instagram that has the best stuff in country style.
In the spring I am hoping to make a trip to NC.
She has a clock similar to this.

So now that I have this brewing in my head, time to put it into action.
Can't wait.

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  1. I like your inspiration for this condo Diane. It should be fun to style and I'll enjoy seeing your progress. Pam

  2. pretty inspiration pics-love it all. I have a rug similar to one of the ones shown.

  3. Adore the French Country Style. Looking forward to the reveal.