Friday, February 17, 2017

A Day in the Life of a Lady Contractor

 Welcome back to my profile of what life is like in the construction business.
And being a lady contractor.
I did a two part series, profiling what it takes and the day to day routine.
Read Part 1 here

So now that you know how I got to be a contractor, where I'm heading and my overall mentality,
follow along with me and spend a day in the life of a lady contractor.

I start my day early.  Up at 6am and usually out the door by 9.
Making a cup of tea, I crack open the laptop and start my daily ritual of administrative paperwork.
Answer email.  Map out any physical locations I have to go to.  Make a list of things that need to be picked up.
Confirm any appointments for that day.
Input in my ledger the expenses from the day before, in both wages and expenses.

 Out the front door right into the door of my new Jeep Liberty.
The black Jeep Patriot died over the Christmas holidays and it was torture without wheels,
but was so appreciative when I finally was able to get my new baby.
First stop is always a Tim Hortons coffee.  Small double double.
It use to be a larger size coffee, but these days I do try to monitor my daily caffeine intake.

The distance from one property to the other is approximately 110km.  A little over one hour one way.
This 110km is stretched out over the course of the day.
Each day I make my rounds to all four properties.

The stores
Before I make my way to the houses, I start off with the purchases.
The drywallers need material, stop off at Home Depot and pre-order it.
Stop in at Lowes, check out a few doors and while I'm there the plumbing department.
Grab something at Canadian Tire.  Maybe it's cheaper at Walmart.
Sometimes Canadian Tire have good prices on light fixtures, sometimes Walmart is better.
Painting is happening today, grab some drop sheets at the dollar store.
The lawyer wants those papers sent to him, stop off at Staples.
Investors wants pics of the renos, put a reminder in your phone.  Leave your phone in the car you will totally forget it in the store.
Darn it, forgot to price out laminate flooring, back to Home Depot.  And since I'm here, price out ceramic tile.
Pick out carpet for this room and an area rug for that one.
Meet that Kijiji seller to pickup that awesome find.
Need gas for the Jeep, hope it's full service.
I'm tired from all this rounding around, Tim Hortons drive thru. 

 The farmhouse
The blue farmhouse is finished renovations, with just a few minor things left to do.

I am slowly working on the staging and styling of this house.
Going with a classic farmhouse style, blended with a bit of primitive and a bit of vintage.

At this time, I am working on styling the newly finished master bedroom.
The bed, an area rug, curtains, a few chairs, a couple of lamps.

The country house
Not far from the farmhouse I make my way to the pretty little country house.
Located on a large property, surrounded by a few neighbours but not many in this very small town.

Not even a country variety store or gas station.  Just a small town with a handful of houses.
Blink and you've missed it small town.
Work started last week on this property.  The boys went in and spent 10 hours in one day with the demo.
The paneling came down from the walls, speaking of walls one came down to make room for a brand new entrance into one of the bedrooms.  This house will go from a two to a three bedroom house.
My target market for this house is a young family.
Like all my houses, it will get a new kitchen.  Shiplap in the livingroom and drywall throughout the rest of the house.

I pulled this mood board together to style this house for staging.

The flooring is good throughout the house, with exception to a few rooms that most likely will get new laminate wood flooring.
The crawlspace in this house will need a new facelift.

The bungalow
From the country house, depending on my mood, I can either jump on the 401 to get to this destination or take the scenic route.
 More than often, I take the scenic route.

For the last several weeks, lots of noise going on at this property.

We just finished intense work in the crawlspace.  Jacking the floor up, replacing support beams, sistering floor joists, installing a brand new sump pump, vapour barrier on the ground.
Demo started with the kitchen throughout the house.  Roof was replaced.
 This house is bigger than it looks, both inside and out.  And there is a lot on this property that needs my attention.  And these days its getting it.

The city condo
Lastly, there is the sweet city condo.

 What I love about this drive is not only the country peaceful drive, but I go through a Native American Indigenous community.
Never fails every time I drive through it, you can feel the rhythm of this historic part of the region.
It has a heartbeat.
Rich in folklore and traditions.  A close knit community.
You go from miles of country roads to deep woods and forest.  I am always seeing wildlife prancing around in the woods, or sometimes on the road.  Needless to say, always watching my speed.
Best of all there is a brand new food market and gas station....and wait for it....a small Tim Hortons outpost!
And the gas is always cheap.
I just love this part of my daily driving!

The condo needs very little renovations.  I am thinking maybe a new kitchen, or maybe not.

I have my eye on a new chanty for the dining room.
Can't wait to start decorating this little two story condo.
If you follow me on Facebook and IG, I change my decision almost weekly on how I'm going to style this place.
But I have now started to pull together an actual shopping list.
From IKEA to World Market to a shopping trip in America.
And what is starting to emerge is a classic traditional style.
What I have planned I am thinking will suit this place just perfectly.

A day in the life of a lady contractor.
I feel truly blessed to be doing something I love.
I'm busy, but it's a good busy.

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  1. KUDOS Diane! Good for you to follow your dreams!