Monday, January 23, 2017

The Newest Flip - The Country House

Let me introduce you to my new flip property, The Country House.
This pretty little lady I bought in December 2016.
  Paid $44,000
Oozing with small town, country charm.

The house size is approximately 1000sqft.
With this house, every single inch will have to be addressed and changed.
Good news, we have a new medal roof, new furnace and AC, flooring is in great condition.
Nice size deck at the front of the house and a small one at the back.

Located in small town, population maybe 30-40.
Just off the 401 highway, in Chatham-Kent county.
The property consists of two lots, approx an acre of land.
 With a small creek running through it.
Three sheds on this property, all in great shape.

The interior
The entire interior of the house will be painted white.
Shiplap in the living room. I will be styling this guest it, a country style.
As the tours progresses you will see lots of built ins, all of them are coming down.
The flooring will be staying, except the two small bedrooms and furnace room.

The living room
Lots of panelling in this house.
In the living room, we will remove the old panelling and install shiplap.
There is an arched entrance leading into the kitchen area.
 This arch will be removed and opened to the new hall separating the kitchen, an existing bedroom and a new bedroom we will be creating.

 The dining room
Will get a better photo soon.
Didn't realize I didn't take any decent pics of the dining room, this is the only one I have right now.
 It is opposite the living room.
The built in will be removed.
Panelling will be coming down and replaced with drywall.

 The kitchen
Paneling here too, but it was painted over.  This will be removed and replaced with drywall.
New cabinets.  New light.

The new master bedroom
.  There is one part of the house that is open and doesn't seem to be of much use,
I am planning to enclosed this section and use as a new master bedroom.
Going then from a two bedroom house to a three.
It appears that at one time it was used as a dining room.
In the photo below, you will see two entrance, one on each side.  Both will be closed off.
The door to the right leads to the dining room.
The room to the left leads to a small bedroom.
It's new entrance will either be off the kitchen or I might just keep it as is and incorporate both it's entrance and the master bedroom's entrance from the new hallway.


The Bathroom
Bathroom is in rough shape, will get new ceramic tile and a fresh coat of paint.

Bedroom # One
Built ins will be removed to open this room up.
Will be getting new flooring.

  Bedroom # Two
You will see the built ins on the left side, they will be removed to open this room up.
Will be getting new flooring.

The mud room and furnace room
The panelling in this area of the house will stay, but will get a fresh coat of paint.
Built ins will be removed.

As you can see a lot of built ins in this house.

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  1. You have a big job on this house Diane but I know you will make it a pretty little country house that will be cozy and charming. I'll enjoy seeing the changes as you work away on this one. All the best to you.

  2. Oh I love the sweet little house, I would love to live there.Francine.