Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Haunted Barn??

Is that a ghost in the window??

Well now, this is interesting.....I'm taking a winter photo shot today at the farmhouse.
 Later, as I go through the pics, I was a little surprised at what looks like a person in the window of the barn. I am alone today.
 Look very closely. Downright creepy.

 To make this even more eerie, I should mention during the renos we did find bullet holes in the kitchen walls.
Holes.....as in a few.
And there is something rolling around at the bottom of one of my wells.
I think it is a bowling ball, because the previous owner decorated her gardens with bowling balls,
 but staying true to this post....don't really know what's at the bottom of that well. 

 I just can't make this stuff up! Just downright creepy.

 There you go folks, a little ghost story on this dreary, snowy January day.   ­čĹ╗

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  1. Wow Diane! Could have been a murder or suicide in the house causing the bullet holes. We bought a home once where we knew someone had committed suicide and it was a bit creepy at times knowing he shot himself in our family room.
    Thankfully we moved allot with our jobs at CIBC so were only there four years.
    Good luck with your home/farm sale... you have done a lovely job restoring it.

  2. Cool photo! Of course, it's not on my property, so I can think it's cool, not creepy. thanks

  3. I see a new career in your future. Writing books. It's a two-fer. Renovate the house and make up your ghost story while you are at it. Cha-ching! You're welcome :)