Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Where I Live

Wondering where I have been living these last few months?
Over the last six months I have been detailing the renovations to the farmhouse.
And I have bought two additional houses to flip.  Making a total of three flip properties.
But where do I actually live?
For the most part, I was staying at a hotel.  Undecided where and what direction I wanted to take my life while I was flipping the houses I just stayed put in a hotel.
But it was deeming to be a tad expensive.  So I bought myself a little place to live, a sweet two bedroom condo.
Flip #4, and a place to call home....for now anyway!

Yes, you got it, I own four houses that I am currently renovating and selling.
There's no stopping me now!

I just moved into the condo December 1.  Not much furniture, not much renos done, not much decor.
A blank canvas, I'm starting from scratch.....literally.

Let's have a look at where I am two weeks after move in day.

The living room.
Not much here, but I'm working on it.  At least I have a place to sit and I'm happy with that.
I'm looking around for a tv centre/wall unit and a coffee table.

The sofa and loveseat I am renting off Easyhome.
After Christmas I will start to look around for a lighter colour sofa set.

Not much furnishing came from my old house.
I have most of that stuff either staged at the farmhouse, or waiting to be on display for the other houses when they go up on the market.
So I'm basically starting from scratch.  Getting a lot of stuff new, off Kijiji, or thrifting.

A glimpse of the backyard.  I back onto a farming field.
Kinda nice to have no neighbours back there.  Lots of privacy.

 The front foyer
 In the front hall, I have a closet and storage area.
The stairs have a wood laminate flooring on them, I am finding them kinda slippery, kinda dangerous, hoping to change it to carpet after Christmas.
And a wrought iron banister. Kinda dated, but I like it, so I'm not going to replace that.

Do you remember the mother of all deals I found a few summers ago on vacation in New Brunswick?
A "Trisha Romance" numbered print for $40.
This beautiful piece of art found its place in the staircase landing.

The kitchen
In the kitchen, tea towels serve as curtains.
I hung a curtain rod, added a few rings to the fabric and instant curtains.  Simple and easy.
And gives me privacy in the evening.
I bought the tea towels at The Bargain Shop.  Isn't the gingham pretty.

Yes a small working area, but it suits me just fine.

The cute little foot stool I bought in Michigan at the Re-Store.
I gave it a little chalk paint and replaced the fabric with the same gingham tea towel used for the curtains.

The bathroom

Nothing too fancy.  Although I do like the cool water faucet.

So there you have it.
The start of house flip #4.
Stay tune as I start the decorating and styling journey of this house.

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  1. wow !!!! u did all of that in only 2 weeks and it looks amazing, welcoming and fun already! Best wishes in your new place. thx 4 posting!

  2. Diane great progress and good for you home # 4. Kudo's!!!
    Better than staying in a hotel and watching your money go down the drain.
    Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  3. It doesn't look to bad for a flip. I can't wait to see more and hear about the rest of the farmhouse.