Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Farmhouse Reveal

The farmhouse tour.
Finally, finally!
It's a long time coming, and a lot of hard work later.  But here it is....the tour.
I am super excited to be finally able to show you guys how pretty the farmhouse is looking with all it's new changes and renovations.
I still want to add or change things here and there, to be sure, but in time.
This post will be permanently listed under "The Olde Barn House Tours" link, above.
And as I make changes, I will update the link.

I bought the house in April 2016, but didn't start the actually renos until June 1.
We finished end of November.

There are still small adjustment I want to make,
but for today let's have a look at the renovations to the farmhouse.

A truly amazing before and after.



Living Room


I like this corner of the room,
but want to add one more curtain panel of the black buffalo check to this window.

It's all in the detail.

Cute rustic barn star.
The slim table I got from a yard sale at the 127 Mile Yard sale, it goes from Michigan to Georgia.
The vintage barnboard piece came from my barn at my last farmhouse.

The old barn door came from my previous barn as well.
I was able to rescue it before the barn collapsed.



After we removed all the paneling in this room, we discovered a mystery door.
Not much of a mystery really, it at one time lead to the outside front porch, but over time all entrances were blocked off.
We covered up this door with shiplap.  Looks amazing in this space!

 In the picture below, the ceiling walls are coming down.
You can start to see the original beams and the high ceilings.
What a truly exciting find this was.

Peeking into the kitchen.
I wanted to open up the entrance between the kitchen and living room,
but there was a load bearing wall right above the entrance.
So the entrance stayed the way it was.....the joys of an old farmhouse.
I did remove a door and frame that was attached to this entrance, trying to make it as open as I could.

The kitchen
We removed the paneled ceiling and replaced with drywall.
We replaced most of the drywall in this room with fresh new sheets,
 I did keep a few older ones to see how they would blend in with the new.
Turned out rather well I would say.



In the kitchen, there is a rectangle window and a door leading to the front porch.
I kept this original door, just gave it a bit of fresh white paint.




An arched entrance separated the kitchen from the back entrance.
I squared up this arch.


The best part of the kitchen decor, are the vintage mason jars.
Found a bunch of them buried in the backyard barn.
What a cool discovery!

The bathroom



The tiles and glass shower door were removed.
We planked the walls with tongue and groove boards.
Surrounded the tub with tile.
New toilet.  New flooring.
I have still to hang up the mirror.

Now a bright, clean, fresh new space coming from a dark, outdated room.



The master bedroom


This room was divided into two section.
Was once a bedroom and nursery.
We took that wall down, added a beam and added shiplap to the walls.
I am still wanting to do a few things with this room.
Shampoo the carpets, add crown molding and decorate it.

It is actually a very large room.

In the backyard we added a deck.
What was once a rundown square frame for an old carport, we converted it into a brand new deck.



The building stage.

The deck in the Fall, looking out toward the barns.

There are still so many little things I want to do with this house.
A bit of changes to this and a bit of  adjustment to the decor.
But all in due time.
Keep checking back for these changes.
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Source List
Living Room
Sofa - IKEA Stenasa White
White large throw pillows - HomeSense
Burlap canvas horse throw pillow - Etsy
Large horse art - Bouclair
Black buffalo check curtains - Country Curtains
Floor lamp - Target
TV wall unit - Kijiji
Small rocking chair - Kijiji
French farmhouse wooden box - HomeSense
Wing chair slipcover - SureFit
Cabinets - Lowes
Hardware on cabinets - vintage
 Vintage mason jars - Found in the barn
Table set - Kijiji, painted with ASCP


  1. cute little farmhouse and such an improvement

  2. Amazing! Wouldn't know it was the same house.
    Great job Diane! Happy New Year!

  3. It is gorgeous. What a transformation. Happy New Year.

  4. It looks amazing Diane! What a change. You've worked very hard this year and I hope it sells for you soon. Happy New Year to you!

  5. I love it! So much done in a little time. thanks

  6. She looks great Diane! Happy New Year!

  7. Love the transformation...alota work & money! Enjoy watching.

  8. It looks great - you've done a wonderful job!

    I have one suggestion/question: is that daylight I see coming from underneath the exterior door in the kitchen? If so, I'd want that adjusted for energy efficiency and protection from the elements and critters.

  9. I am so impressed, Diane. It really does look amazing - I love all of the changes you made and it is so bright and welcoming now!