Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Coats for Kids

Let me tell you a story.
Early in the Christmas season, just a few weeks ago, I am shopping at the Sarnia Mall (Ontario).
I am in Stitches.  I am looking for gifts for my children.
I am positioned in such a way that as I browse I am close to the check-out counter.

Then, several people came up to the counter with a huge selection of jackets.
They must have bought about 20 or so.
It was fascinating to watch, I didn't understand what was taking place.

After they made their purchase and left the store, I myself went up to the counter and paid for my purchases.
I ask the sales people what all that was about. Why were those people buying so many jackets?
The sales girl told me that they were buying them for a local charity.
She went on to explain, that this past summer a young gentleman died from a motorcycle accident and requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the local winter jacket charity.

From that time I have thought about it a lot.
What a brilliant idea really.
Yes extremely tragic and sad circumstances for the young man, but what a legacy.
And something can be said that this was taking place at Christmas time.
It really is a profound achievement - a bequest from the lost soul, a remembrance from the givers and an appreciation from the recipient.
Am I saying this right?

Later, I called Stitches and asked on what charity they gave these jackets to.
I was told it was "Coats for Kids".  An annual drive done every winter.
She also told me that Stitches contributed with discounts on those jackets to help toward the cause.

I tried to get information about this organization online.
I had difficulty finding much of any info on who and which charity organization hosts this drive.
But I will continue to search and make a few phone calls.
Will update as I get additional info.

In the North, the winters get very cold...bitter cold.
 Coats for kids.
We should all give it some thought....let's keeps those in need warm.

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    We have the same coat drive here in the US

    Blessings, Robin

  2. We have Coats for Kids here in Texas!