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Farmhouse Renos Update Nov 17 - The Bedrooms

The last leg of the farmhouse renos are the changes to and completions of the bedrooms.
There are three bedrooms.

When we first started the renos, the upstairs two room did not get any major changes, they just got a fresh coat of paint.
The layout of this floor consisted of one enclosed room and one open space area.
When you walked up the stairs, there was a wide open space and one enclosed bedroom.
After we were finished the renos on the house, I decided to put up a wall separating the two rooms.
You will see the details further into this post.

The Master Bedroom
This room is large and was originally divided by a wall.  It was a bedroom/nursery combined.
This great wall came tumbling down.
Let's have a look at this room before and were we are at today.


 As of November 8/16

Not even recognizable anymore.
 When you walk into this room, all you seen was wall.
In yesteryears there was a nursery on the one side of the wall, and the master bedroom on the other.

 I found after the dividing wall came down I had problems with what was left behind.
 Gaping splits and holes in the walls and ceiling.  
So I decided on shiplap.  A great way to cover up the quirkiness of an older house.
Definitely made a big difference.  Bringing an elegant life to this once plain Jane room.
At this point in the renos of this room I am painting the rest of the walls.
But that may change because I just LOVE the shiplap in this beautiful old farmhouse!

Let's look at the ceilings in this room.  It went from 8ft to 9....all thanks to a sledgehammer!
The original height of this room was covered up and dropped down to 8ft.
I found this was done to most of the ceilings in this house.

And bonus....what lay behind the hidden 8ft ceiling was original wooden slats.
We painted them white.
Then we added a wood beam to the ceiling.
It was added mainly to cover up the split in the ceiling left behind from the wall.
Clever way to cover this small but noticeable tunnel.
The beam will be planked/shiplaped and painted white.
I am also liking the beam so much in this room, I am thinking of adding another, make a "T" pattern on the ceiling.  Still thinking on this.

Carpet will be installed.
Was going to carry the laminate flooring through to this room, but decided on a cozy carpet.

I am getting excited about this room.
Changing it it from the great wall of China, to an open and bright room with height.

The Upstairs Bedrooms
Let's head upstairs to the two rooms up there.

Let's look at the "open space" room.
When you walked up the stairs this space was to the right.  It had a large homemade closet.
We removed the closet.  Then added planking where this closet was.

This was our first attempt at planking using plywood.
We made a few errors with this technique.....not enough space between the boards.
We may or may not remove this wall and do it over again.  Time and budget will tell.

I then framed up this "open space" and enclosed it to a true bedroom with privacy.
The two door entrances face each other so the second floor is symmetric at best.
It looks good now.  There is even a small hall separating the two rooms.  Enough room to walk around.

The other room didn't need any changes at all.  I just gave it a fresh coat of paint.

Check back in a few weeks to see where we're at!

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