Sunday, November 6, 2016

Fall at the Farmhouse

October is an exciting month.
The leaves start to present a kaleidoscope of colour.
 Thanksgiving, Halloween.

 But is an enchanting month.
A calm part of the Fall season.
A somber month, reflecting on those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom and the safety of our countries.
It's the month that leads up to the month of all months....Christmas.
And nothing short of this enchanting season is the farmhouse this time of year.
So I took my fancy camera and walked around the property.

Leaves everywhere.

Yes, it's an ugly old building, but after a while it grows on you.
It's one of the two barns on the farmhouse property.
I'm so glad I didn't tear it down....I'm kinda becoming attached to the old guy.
I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I may rake up those leaves, or I may not.
Not today anyway, I am enjoying this too much.

It really is peaceful out here.  And sparse.
It's the simple things in life. :)

November....the enchanted!

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  1. An old barn, no matter how ugly, screams history to me and a certain type of coziness. With the leaves, sometimes I just leave them to let Mother Nature do its own hoovering :D Have a wonderful Sunday. Chel

  2. I love old barns. They really appeal to me. I love anything that is rustic and tumble-down!

  3. Thanks for all these wonderful photos!