Thursday, November 3, 2016

DIY Wood Plank Wall

It's trending, it's cool....wood planked walls.
 Here's my tutorial version on how we are creating a wood planked or shiplap wall.

 I am so loving the walls we are planking in the farmhouse.

 I want to carry this idea over to some of the rooms in my new bungalow flip purchase.

So for those wanting to get the know how, here it my DIY tutorial on how we are creating a planked or shiplap wall.

Material you will need...
- 1/4in thick x 4x8ft sheet of plywood.  I bought mine at Lowe's, they were the best priced.
- 1.5 inch nails.  We are using an air pressure nail gun, making the job SO much easier
- Floor tile spacers.
- Table saw.  Or get Lowes to cut your pieces - they do charge and it's not cheap.

I bought 3 sheets of the 1/4in thick plywood for my wall size of 10ft in width and 9ft in height.

We cut our pieces in 7in sections.  We had one 4in piece left and used that for edging.

To space our boards, we used tile spacers.
Then nailed the boards into place.

Because the length of the sheets are 8ft and the wall is 10, we had to cut another few feet to add to that row.

We applied two layers of Behr semi-gloss white paint and primer paint.

Still to add a floor board trim, but other than that this room is ready for furniture!

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  1. It look amazing Diane!! I can't wait to see more...

  2. I love the look of planked walls and your living room is really coming along beautifully. The exposed wood beams and wood floors against the white walls is striking! Can't wait to see the whole house finished and furnished!

  3. Wow - I love it, it looks so clean and neat.