Thursday, October 13, 2016

Planking, Planking, Planking - Farmhouse Reno Update Oct 12

This sweet farmhouse is really starting to whip into shape.
And what a metamorphosis is has been.
My crew and I have been working non-stop to get the house completed for next week.
Our goal is to be finished Oct 21.
And what I am loving especially is the planking we are incorporating throughout the house.
A true farmhouse ambience.

So let's get to it and have a look at the changes thus far, as of Oct. 12.

New flooring
The biggest change this week was the floor.
It made a 100% change to this house.
It turned it from a house under renovations to the start of something looking relatively like a home.

Starting with the kitchen

As of Oct 11/16

Living Room
This week we have started and almost completed the trim work around the window, doors and floor.
What a big difference this makes, something can be said about a little bit of can make or break a room.
It's a minor part of a house we take for grant or just simply overlook, but without it, it just doesn't jive.
The crew did the doors and window trim and I did the floor baseboards.

New Roof
The roof was in need of attention and it got it. 
I went with a dual black shade, I still liked the blue and black combo on this house so I stuck with the original colour of the roof.
In the pics it doesn't look like a big change, but in real life it is so much cleaner and adds so much to the overall look of the exterior.
You will notice the gardens are needing a bit of attention, I will be adding mulch to give it a finished and polished look, and at the time of this pic the grass needed to be cut.
There just isn't enough hours in a day folks...but hey, the roof looks great! :)

Planking, Planking and more Planking
Three areas of the house got a planked finish.  The bathroom, one of the upstairs bedroom and a wall in the living.
Let's have a look at the before stages.

We are adding a tongue and groove planking to the walls in the bathroom.
It will be painted white.  Opposite side will be planked and painted as well.
  A new farmhouse light has been added.....even the electrical receptacles have been replaced with new ones.
I am so stinkin' excited about this bathroom....get the pun...stinkin'

There are two bedrooms upstairs.
One room is open with no privacy walls.  It is more of an open space then an actual private bedroom.
We made a few changes.
Framed it up, making a private room.  Took down the closet.  Added planking to the wall where the closet was.
A DIY tutorial will be on the blog once the house is done and I have done the "official" reveal.


 The closet has been removed.
The room got painted up to the area that was to be planked.

As of Oct 11/16

As of Oct 12/16
Opps, first mistake.  We forgot to space the panels...yikes!
Not bad though for our first attempt at this kind of planking.  We are experimenting and learning from the mistakes.
We should have had a spacer in-between the planks.
Will be taking a sharp tool and chisel away at the spaces in-between.


Living Room
Planking the wall is this room will get the same method we used in the upstairs bedroom,
only this time we will space the boards....lesson learned!
We have the wood, we have yet to install it.  Paint it white.  This will be complete this week.
That's the beauty of an old farmhouse, so many imperfections and how to cover them up.

As I mentioned above, we are working non-stop to meet our finish date of Oct 21.
So much is changing day by day.  Today, as I write this blog post the new cabinets are being installed in the kitchen.  Exciting stuff!
Can't wait to get the the "reveal" on the blog.

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  1. looks great Diane! Things are really moving along quickly - can't wait to see the final reveal!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  2. It is looking great Diane. You must be exhausted with all the work and the deadline looming so fast. I can't wait to see the final pics.

  3. looking great-what a lot of work-can't wait to see the final product.

  4. You sure had your work cut out for you. Looking great!

  5. You are doing a fabulous job and I'm looking forward to the completed reno.

  6. You are doing a fabulous job, and I'm looking forward to the completed reno.

  7. Good Job Diane! Looking good mama. Looking good. I'm getting excited to see how it all comes together.

  8. Amazing how fast everything is happening - love all of the planking. This reveal is going to wonderful!