Friday, October 28, 2016

Final Touches - Farmhouse Update Oct 27/16

This little farmhouse flip is starting to shape into a home.
It is complete with just a few final touches.
Looking back it was a lot of work, but a labour of love.  I truly mean that. :)
Can't wait to list it on the market!

It got a new kitchen, new floor, new roof, new drywall, new, new, new!
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But for today's post, let's have a look at what's going on at the farmhouse....

You gotta love a before and after....



 As of Oct 22/16
 Still needing to do some small stuff...finish the baseboard trim, replace a few light receptacles,
put on the new cabinet hardware.
You will see the ceiling light fixture sitting in the counter corner, we have installed since the pic below was taken.
And it looks cute, cute, cute!


The table and chair set is even getting a new look.....painting them an ASCP graphite black.

Living Room

The wall separating the kitchen and living room had a door hidden for years behind paneling
When we brought down the old paneling we were surprised to see it there.
So we left it as it was and planked over top of it.


  As of Oct 26/16
We finished this wall with a trendy farmhouse style planking.
The pic below is after the first coat of paint was applied.




As of Oct 22/16
We are finishing up on the planking in this room.
Installed the pedestal sink back, but it didn't sit well with me, it just didn't go with this room anymore.
  Am thinking of replacing it with a cabinet base.
We just started to paint the wood around the window frame.


There you have it, just a few pics.
These pics are not doing the house justice, it is really looking pretty in there!
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  1. Replies
    1. wonder I didn't like it! lol It's one of the one and a half million small details to address! Will be changing it to a cabinet base sink, I saw one on Kijiji that I might pickup and paint black.

    2. I never like those sinks that show all the piping, etc. Especially when you see it from the side when entering the room.

  2. It looks very nice. I am wondering why you didn't add a cabinet beside the oven? Was there not enough room? As a cook I know I would like a cabinet on both sides.

  3. Beautiful redo, Diane! Personally, I don't think I could ever part with it after all that hard work and gorgeous results! Best of luck!