Tuesday, October 4, 2016

And Then There Was Paint - Farmhouse Reno Sept 28

Last week the interior of the farmhouse got painted, top to bottom.
Take a look at what she looks like all dressed in white....

Living Room
An  8ft paneled ceiling.

We took down the paneling on the ceiling, to discover the room was actually 10ft in height.
And those beautiful original century old wooden beams!

As of Sept 28/16

Ignore the paint marks on the beam above the large left side window, it's actually drywall mud and will be cleaned up shortly.
Also I left parts of the old wallpaper on for a bit of protection from the paint.  Those are the black patches you are seeing on that beam.

Hard to believe it's the same room.
This week the flooring gets installed throughout the house.
I can't wait to get started decorating this room!

Inside the kitchen.

The wall with the three entrances.
One to the living room, staircase to the upper bedrooms and the master bedroom.

As of Sept 28/16

The bathroom

As of Sept 28/16

The ceramic tile surrounding the tub is complete.  Floor is installed.
We just started to plank the walls.  A DIY tutorial is coming soon.
This is the first piece up on the wall.

What's happening this week at the farmhouse.....
The new roof is being installed.
We are continuing to work on planking different rooms throughout the house.
And flooring throughout the entire house gets done this week.
Check back in a week.

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  1. Those beams are amazing - and they look wonderful next to the white paint. It is all coming together so nicely and I can't wait to see the transformation once the floors are done.

  2. looks great Diane!!! LOVE those beams in the living room!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  3. Those beams. This is going to be wonderful. White makes such a difference doesn't it?