Monday, October 31, 2016

A New House Flip!!

I purchased this property October 31, 2016
Bought it at $70,000.


I hope to put it back on the market in the $150-$160,000 price range once the renovations are complete.
It is a four bedroom bungalow, located in small town South Western Ontario, in Chatham-Kent county.
First order of business is the floor joists and plumbing.  And the crawl-space in this house has to be address as well and in general.
Last winter the house was abandoned and the water pipes burst.
The crawl-space is covered in water and mud.  I have hired a company to get in there and dry out the area.
Same company will be jacking the floor up for an even leveling of the floor, right now the floors dip in certain areas of the house.
All joists will be repaired if needed.
Once this is done, plumbing will be repaired and moved around.
I want to do some switching around of the bathrooms.

So let's take a tour of what the house looks like now....the "before".

Starting with the outside.
Bit of a jungle.
First thing I would like to do is cut down a few trees.  Bring in some sunshine.
Just a few trees, not that many.  I like the look of the house nestled in among the trees.

Clear this garden bed.  Yup, that is a massive boulder in this garden.  
Will clear away the weeds and go from there.

The backyard.  Scary....simply scary.
I will introduce it to a lawnmower first thing.  Cut a few tree branches down.
There is a small travel trailer in the back.  Will be removing that.
The pool.  Although it is super dirty right now, I do like the idea of clean it up and keeping it.
But if I want to keep the pool, I will have to consider putting a fence around by-law.

Heading inside....

The living room, fireplace, dining room.

This long rectangle shape space I am hoping to do the most intense and major change to.
This space will be the living room and kitchen combined.

First thing we will do is take down all paneling.
Also, I want to take down the paneled ceiling, and open it up to an arched vaulted ceiling.
Either use the existing rafters or install new ones.
 Adding beams.  Plank the ceiling.

  At this time, I am looking to only do the ceiling work to this area.  I have plans for the rooms on either side of this space.

 Here is a look I am using as inspiration....




Love the old barn beam look.


Family room

The family room is just off the living room area, across from the fireplace.
The patio doors lead to the backyard, swimming pool area.
I would like to plank the walls in this room.

The bathroom

The main bathroom I am looking to change completely.  Relocate it to the front of the house.
I want to make it smaller and use this one into a guest room ensuite.
Currently, the door from this room leads into the dining area.  Hmmm....maybe not a great plan.
So I am considering closing said door and converting the kitchen to a guest room with a bathroom ensuite.
I would be taking away the linen closet and moving the tub down, and placing the sink right beside the toilet.

This lilac bedroom is the front room beside the entrance.
 I am thinking to convert this room into the main bath.
Makes a bit more sense to me to have the main bathroom in this location.

The master bedroom
I like the bay window in this room, not sure how I feel about the wood trim?
Will remove the built in cabinets to open the room up.

Take the before tour and the updated after renos as we go along.
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  1. Congrats on your new flip house Diane. Wow. It sure does need a lot of work and TLC. All the best to you. It will be interesting to follow along as you renovate. Will you live in your current house you just finished?

  2. WOW - you are really moving right along! Congrats! Can't wait to see what you do with it...I'll keep my fingers crossed that no surprises pop up in the demo!!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG