Saturday, July 16, 2016

Holy Conversion

As I do so often, today I was going through the MLS website, looking for potential future flip homes.
When I came across this beauty.  I instantly fell in love.
Look at the potential.....

Pics belong to the Realtor.

So of course I had to jump into Google and look for churches converted into home.
These are a few I came across.

When I think of a church home conversation, I always think Sarah Richardson's mother's place.
She beautifully converted a church into a home.

Forget flipping it....if I ever bought this place I would make it my own home!
To go and view this church property for sale is tempting me.  :)

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1 comment:

  1. These are gorgeous!
    I have to say, the sixth one up from the bottom (the bed in the upper room) BUGS ME! I like the open bed frame so that it doesn't detract from all the wood work... but why didn't they cut the top off, in order to see the window un- obscured? I just don't get that one.
    Overall , they're heavenly places. ;)