Monday, July 18, 2016

Farmhouse Flip Update July 17/16

Yesterday the house was quiet, my crew had the day off,
so I took a few snaps of the changes thus far.

The yard is kept trimmed and tidy, although the flower beds are wanting.
I am hoping this week will see some top soil brought in and a few trees planted along with some flowers.
Still have to install the Victorian screen door, first need to paint that outside door white.
The section in front of the shrub still has to be cut, it leads down to a water drain so I take my weed-eater for this area.

Such a pretty property, but it's needing something.
I am thinking a good fertilizing treatment for the grass.
I am even thinking a small flat wooden deck behind the house to put a patio set on and a bbq.

As much as I hate too, I still think that red old rickety barn has to come down.
It's taking me some time to decide on bringing down this old barn,
 always looking to those with advise on how to maintain it or repair it.

Some interior shots.
Drywall is finished, mudding and sanding has started.

I decided to keep some of the older drywall up instead of replacing it with new.
Since it is heavily stained I bought special primer for it.
Doing a little experiment with this, so let's see how it turns out.
Although I am thinking some areas I will now replace.

Here's a little look at the before....

And what that same spot looks like today....

Let's have a look at the bathroom.
It was completely gutted.  New moisture treated drywall went up.
New vinyl flooring is coming, this room is very small so nothing to fancy on the floors.
We will be doing a ceramic surround for the tub and the rest of the walls will be planked and painted white.
I have already bought the lumber for it and can't wait to get this look going.
This bathroom is going to look so cute when we're done!

I am happy with the progress we have made so far.
We are steady working on the renos, slowly but steady.

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  1. Lots and lots of work and lots of progress! Great job.

  2. so exciting to see your farmhouse progress. It's looking lovely!