Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Update on the Farmhouse Renos

An update on the farmhouse flip.
Recapping the progress so far....
* bought April 28/16
* let the previous sellers stay there till the end of May
* June 2 renos start

Some of the changes to the exterior of the house to-date:
* rust stain under living room scrubbed and gone
*two large dead cedar trees directly in-front of house gone
* fresh coat of white paint for handrails and posts
* old screen door removed
*rosebush removed
 Still need done:
*Victorian door bought, but yet to be installed, we still need to paint the frame and the interior door.
* paint porch floor grey
*paint lattice
* flower beds need to be cleaned up
* plant trees, perennials and flowers



Heading inside.  Quite the transfer thus far.

The kitchen was completely gutted down to the bare walls.
It was interesting to see that newspaper was used as insulation behind the 1950's wallpaper.
And some of the headlines and stories were just as interesting.
I tried to peel them as whole pieces as best I could, but with not much success.

Here's a look at the kitchen the day before the renos started.

 Before Kitchen

Last week we started the drywall.
I was going to cheap out and keep the old drywall,
but have since decided to tear that down and put in fresh sheets.
We still have to put in the vapor barrier for the outside walls and then the sheet rock can go up.
You will notice in the pic below, we squared up the entrance leading to the back rooms, it use to be an arch.
Still to due as of today is taping, mudding and painting.

Lots of electrical changes.
We moved the stove range box over.  It was positioned where the fridge is to go, so we moved it to the wall backing onto the bathroom.
All plates, switches and receptacles are being replaced for brand new ones.
Bringing them all up to code, and for a fresh clean new look.
The electrician had to then place a new plug outlet for the fridge.
And dig a tunnel in the wall to feed the wiring for a light above the sink.
Once the ceiling is finished, the new shaker style light fixture will be installed.

Laminate wood flooring is bought and ready to be installed.

The kitchen cabinets are bought and ready to be installed.

 From the picture below you can see the progress so far with the laundry room, and a peak into the bath.

Today Kitchen

Arch entrance changed to square.  New drywall will be installed for the entire room. 

Today Kitchen

Row of doors in the kitchen.  Opposite the cabinets.
One leads into the living room, middle door goes to the upstairs bedrooms and the one on the right is the master bedroom.
(We are currently taking a wall down in the master bedroom, it will be one big room.)
*The new drywall needs to be installed.  Will be painted white.
*New trim
*New white doors are bought but yet to be installed
*New laminate wood flooring

The laundry room is one of the rooms that is near completed.
Still to do in this room is sanding and painting.
Changes we made to this room, we took down all the cabinets.  Stripped two layers of paneling and old drywall.
Still to do for this room is new flooring, trim and paint the fuse box.
And of course, bring in the washer and dryer.

Before Laundry Room

Today Laundry Room

The back section of the house consists of entrance way, laundry room and bathroom.
Laundry room renos are underway, bathroom as well and the back entrance will get a fresh coat of paint and new flooring.

I think your getting the general gist that the entire house will be painted white.

Before Back Hall

Today Back Hall

So far to date we have removed old drywall and the old fiberglass tub surround.
This tiny room will get white beadboard panels installed.
New ceramic tiles will wrap the tub area.
Window frame to be repaired.
I will have to keep the pedestal sink, the new cabinet I bought for it did not fit.  This room is just too small.
New flooring, new light fixture. And the tub will get a good cleaning, I think I might be able to salvage it.

Before Bathroom

Today Bathroom

Living Room
The living room was thus far the best room to uncover.
Under 2ft of beams and paneling we discovered a 10ft ceiling (originally I thought it 9ft, but since measured and it is 10).
And those beams!
Initially when I first saw them, my first reaction was to drywall them up.  Then of course it hits me like a hurricane....original beams.
But the true test came when we took everything down and I was actually able to see their true beauty.
They are a keeper and will remain untouched.
The rest of the room will get painted white, new flooring, all white trim.

Before Living Room

Today Living Room

The bedrooms
Not a whole lot of work needs to be done to the 2nd floor.
The two upstairs bedroom will get a fresh coat of paint.
 At this time the carpet is staying, who knows what I might do next month.  But for now, it's staying put.
Would like to frame the one bedroom in, it is open when you walk up to the 2nd floor.
But for now, that is not something that is on my radar.  Maybe next month I will focus on that.

The paneled walls that flank the staircase will be painted white.
A white door is replacing the old brown one.

Before 2nd Floor

Of the two upstairs bedrooms, this one is enclosed.  It currently does not have a privacy door, but will eventually get one.
This room will be painted white.

As I mentioned, the pic below is the bedroom that is completely open when you reach the 2nd floor, having no privacy walls.
I am finding with this part of Ontario the old farmhouses are designed with bedrooms in this
Again, will look at getting it framed, maybe next month.
The closet has already been knocked down.  This room will get painted white.

Heading down stairs.  The paneling will be giving a fresh coat of paint.
New banister.

This wraps up the renos to-date.
Not too bad for just a few weeks.  Will be updating in another two weeks, stay tuned!

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  1. Hello Diane, congratulations on your new project! Your ideas are lovely. I've moved quite a bit as well (in house #9 now). I have a suggestion for your picture from your kitchen with the three doors opposite your cupboards. Have you considered opening the stairwell to the living room? Removing the portion of doorway to the living room and the portion of wall separating the stairs would integrate the two rooms (LR and Kitchen) and you would lose the three door line-up on that wall. Just a thought, as I've reno'd all my houses but one!

  2. Wow! You've done a lot of work in a month or so. It's quite the adventure and I think will look so nice when it is all done. I enjoy seeing the progress.

  3. Wow! You are just motoring along. Can't wait to see the finish.

  4. Just discovered your blog! Always glad to find a fellow Canadian online! I can hardly wait until you finish this farmhouse.
    Do you do a lot of the work yourself or how do you keep costs low so you can make a profit?