Friday, June 3, 2016

Out With The Old

The farmhouse is in complete chaos these days. 

But I am thrilled to see everything finally coming down....out with the old sort of thing. 
The best part was discovering we have 9ft ceilings in the house, hidden behind a foot of paneling. 
 This is the fun part, seeing what are behind layers of wall and boards. 
Here is the livingroom layers coming down and the newly discovered 9ft walls. Doing the happy dance!

Here we found a door hidden behind a layer of paneling.
It at one time lead to the outside.  
And again you can see the true taller height of the ceiling. 

 So far so good with the overall condition of the mechanics of the house.
Nothing to drastic, a few pieces of drywall we have to replace.

However, I do have problems elsewhere on the property.
All due to the previous owner.
I had rented the house out to them for the month of May, giving them time to move into their new house.
Finally, June 1st rolls around, they had moved out and the house is empty.
What shocked me the most, was discovering he removed the entire roof off the old barn on the property.

There is value in old rusty steel roofs and I am thinking he though he would cash in on it.  
I believe the going rate is $1sf.  So he might have made some $1000 from the sale of the old tin sheets, 
but it will cost his a few thousand more to replace it with a new one.
Back in the spring, when I bought it it had the roof in place.

There are two older barns on this property, one is too rickety and is being torn down.  
And the second is this particular barn which I am keeping.  
It's old barn charm adds character to the property, but now with the rusty roof down, it is an eyesore.
I have a guy coming out to give me a quote for a new roof.
 The matter is sitting with the lawyers now.

The other disturbing thing is the well.  
The well is not drilled, it is a holding/retaining tank.  You get water delivered and poured into the holding tank/well.
A very troubling realization is I believe he was hosing rain water from a nearby rain barrel, into that tank.  Gross.
I am thinking there might be a filter, but am not sure and I have my doubts.
So now I have called someone to come out to either clean it out completely, or replace it.  And pronto.
Makes me wonder all the time how the water passed the water test when I had an offer on the property back in the Spring?  
They brought the water sample into the health lab themselves.  
Lesson learned, next time I buy a farm property with a well, have a third party deliver the water test sample to the Health Unit, not the owners.

Let's address another problem, same guy.
He has a trailer rig and it is "stored" on my property.  

 They either bought it or rented it after the deal closed, when it was time to pack-up.
It was to be gone with them when they left end of May.
This rig was to be used as their moving device, but it is still sitting in my yard.
He has until next week to move it, or I start to charge daily.
As you can see it is blocking the laneway, as it is we have to keep driving over the grass.
What worries me most is when a rig actually comes to take it away, I have to make sure they do not run over my buried septic bed.  
If this gets destroyed from the tractor trailer pulling out, then it will be another major expense.  
The guy parked the trailer a hairs breath away from the weeping bed.

And lastly, to add insult to injury he keeps coming onto the property.
He rummages through my mail box.  And he wonders through the house when my crew are in there working.
All while I am not there.
One time one of my workers was there alone when he came into the house, freaked her out.
This is sitting with the lawyers as well.  Soon perhaps the police?
The farmhouse currently is a construction site, and according to my insurance only authorized personnel are permitted on site. So there's that.

Here's a few pics of the piles of garbage left behind.
There were enormous stacks of junk.
Goods new is I am trading with a guy who collects scrap metal.
 He gets the metal and I get him to run the torn-down stuff to the dump.  
We are also burning some items as well.  Trying to do the green thing as much as possible. 
It's a win win for both of us.

Guess the previous owner didn't want these scrap pieces of roof, so he left them behind.
Poor old barn, stood for years in its glory and then gets stripped of its beautiful roof.
I will give her a pretty new roof, keep her going for a few more decades.
I may keep these pieces and put them on display somewhere in the barn.

So we are finally on our way with the renovations to this sweet farmhouse.
I am very excited to see it starting to come together.  
But no doubt, a few unwanted problems are going with it.
From the beginning I was prepared for problems related to an age old house,
but I wasn't prepared for man made problems!

When I made the decision to blog about the detailed renovations to this farmhouse flip, 
I wanted to be as honest as I could.  
Talk about the renos, costs, decision making, my thought process, decorating and all that comes with it.
The good, the bad and the ugly!

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  2. Hello Diane...I sure hope the previous owner does not cause you any more problems! You sure don't need him dropping in whenever he likes... Take care and I look forward to you sharing your renovation journey with all of us...

  3. Oh my goodness....the previous owner is a total jerk.....sure hope you can get him out of the picture soon. Some people are so weird. Good luck with your remodeling projects.

  4. My jaw dropped when I read that he removed the roof - I am shocked that someone would do something like that!!!! Reminds me of my first house purchase which had a beautiful garden - one of the main reasons I bought the property. When we took possession, almost all of the plants had been removed and the garden was pretty much destroyed. I learned a valuable lesson also - I get everything in writing and have a lawyer sign off on it, so that the sellers know I am not fooling around - a pain in the neck, but I have been burned a couple of times by trusting the empty promises of some sellers. Glad to see you are moving ahead with the renos and waiting patiently for your next post - very excited to see more!!!

  5. Sounds like you may need a restraining order to keep him away. Hope everything starts to go better for you. I'm anxious to see the final reveal. Good luck!!