Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Just Where Exactly Am I Going....

These days the renos to the farmhouse fill my hours and my thoughts completely.
I am loving every minute of it.  It's like I have found my calling.  I am just loving everything about it.
As the crew piece together the renovations, I am involved in every step.
I marvel as each piece of sheet rock goes up, I mean I literally just stand there and watch as they put each piece in place.
I see the beauty of it.  And yes it is just drywall, but I see the beauty it will become.
The end result.

Not far from my thoughts are always the end end results.
Just where exactly I am going with all this.
I strive for my long term goal, which doesn't see that far away now.
A mortgage free home, in the country, a few acres, a couple of chickens, horses in paddocks.
An old barn somewhere on that land.
So last week I took that long term goal and made my first move.
I called and booked an appointment with a house builder.
For so long I have always put it aside, thinking it's too early I have miles ahead of me.
But now I am realizing that maybe that goal is not that far after all.
We setup a time and date.  He told me to bring in a perspective house plan.
He told me to bring in a perspective budget.
I was very excited.  After looking at numerous plans online, here is what I came up with.
A beautiful colonial style rancher.


When we sat down we went over two type of budgets.
One if he does everything from start to finish, and the other was if he just frames the exterior and interior and I finish the rest.
I went with the latter.  I will bring in my own crew to finish the house.


This builder has a very reputable name in this community.  I have seen some of his work.
I told him what my long term goals were, and that I was flipping a few homes to get there.
I told him I love architecture and love, love doing this.
After a bit of small talk, he started pulling out some architectural drawings of homes he is currently building.
I was so in my realm.  Loved looking at them.  I could visualize them built....and decorated!

So yes, I am still striving for my long term goal, but now I have at least a drawing of it and how much it will approx cost me.
Some days are golden!

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  1. love how you are so mindful and keeping to your goals..and enjoying it along the way, even with the challenges of this present property. I like following your blog and journey.

  2. Beautiful design and so much fun making the dream into reality!