Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hidden Treasures and Secret Doors

Wouldn't that be so cool if I told you we have secret doors leading to secret passageways at the old farmhouse!
We don't, but it still would be cool.  lol

However we are discovering some really cool hidden treasures as we peel away the layers of paneling, wood and drywall.
I would have to say the best hidden treasure so far was discovering the 9ft ceilings in the living room with authentic antique beams.
I know I should stain them for longevity, but I feel they have been this way for over 100 years so I will just leave them that way.
 Aren't they beautiful.

I was so excited to discover them.
And once all the 2x4s were taken down from the old 8ft drop I was dancing around the house like I discovered aluminum foil!

In this pic below you are seeing some heavy staining along the walls.
It is not mold, it is from cigarette smoke.
The previous owners were heavy smokers and those stains were throughout the house as the layers started to come down.
I have a special paint that will absorb those stains and the tobacco odor.
At the top of the walls, just below the ceiling, the old 8ft ceiling drop hide a floral wallpaper boarder I would say dates maybe 1980's?
And just above that another layer of wallpaper maybe from the 60's?
I don't have a picture of it yet, but in the kitchen I have taken down layers to discover wallpaper from the 50's.....very cool.



Hidden door
We did find one door hidden behind a layer of living room paneling and drywall.
It at one time lead to the outside.
I plan to remove the door completely and cover that section up with drywall.
The picture below was taken as we were taking down the ceiling 8ft beam drop.

Old Newspapers
The kitchen was completely gutted down to the bare walls.
It was interesting to see that newspaper was used as insulation behind the 1950's wallpaper.
And some of the headlines and stories were just as interesting.
I tried to peel them as whole pieces as best I could, but with not much success.

Here's a clipping about young 19 year old Elizabeth Taylor just after she married Michael Wilding.
And you will notice the reference to the new Queen just below it.

What lies beyond
Interesting what you find behind layers of paneling and old drywall.
What appears to be bullet holes.  These holes, some small and some larger seem to spread across a section of the kitchen.
And what appears to be markings from a BB gun are all over the living room walls.
Sometimes.....thing can get peculiar in the country.
What's even more a small outside sectioned garden lays partially hidden is a small 5ft well, excess water used for watering plants, flowers, the grass.
When we took a measuring stick to measure the length of this well, we hit something that moved, it rolled around.
Now I won't let my imagination get carried away, because the previous owners used bowling balls as part of their garden decor.
 I am thinking a bowling ball rolled right into this well or somehow ended up in this well.  Bit strange, but more than likely.
Take a look at the picture below, I have circled some the areas we believe are riddled with bullet holes.
One of my workers says that it's just wood holes, but I like my exciting version better. :)
And what exactly is in that well....hmm.

A few updates on the farmhouse.....

Outside at the front of the house I have taken down those two dead cedar trees that were directly in front of the house.
I also brought down two satellite dishes that were attached to the railing.
In this pic below there is only the one - we work pretty fast around here!
I am plugging away at the flower beds,  will be raising the soil, adding a few decorative trees and of course perennials.
Will attempt to clean that water stain just below the living room window.  Paint the porch.
I can totally see a few white rocking chairs on that country veranda.



Today I listed on Kijiji for sale the old rickety barn.
Someone may want those old painted boards, or the tin roof.
I also talked with the electrician about disconnecting the wiring out to that barn.
Once that's done we can wack that building to the ground, clean it up and start planting something pretty there.
All that junk you see in front and around the barn I have a guy that is getting rid of it.
I bargained a trade with him, he collects all the metal stuff, which he turns around and sells it to his supplier.
In exchange he collects all the garbage around the yard and brings it to the dump.  

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  1. Wow - you really do move fast - can't believe how much you have accomplished so far!!!! I love the beams and the planked ceiling - what a wonderful surprise. This house is going to be absolutely charming!