Sunday, May 22, 2016

Buying, Budgeting and Balancing

Farmhouse flip update.

As we start the early process of this flip, it's all about buying renos items and getting the best price for them.
Keep a close eye on my budget and how much I am spending. 
What is the balancing part....your patience!

When I bought the farmhouse, end of April 2016, the sellers asked if they could stay there until the end of May.
Their new home would not be available until that time, I agreed.
As I wait patiently I am starting to buy and collect some items for the renos.
Some bigger items and some small.  It really is in the details.

What I'm Buying
To date this is where I am at, where I bought them and how much I paid for them.


Kitchen cabinets.  Lowes $1809.
They had a sales special - save the tax and I took advantage of it.
This image below is the manufactures pic.  Nimble Cabinets, the Vanilla Shake model.


 This does not include the labour, the counter, the sink, the hardware or appliances.
Just the cabinets.
I am plugging away at getting the rest of these items.

Laminate flooring.  Gladstone Oak from Home Depot.
I bought 12 cases.  Covering the kitchen and living room.
With the underpad I paid $303.91 in US dollars.
I bought this on route home through America in Montana, while I was returning from the west visiting my daughter in British Columbia.
This state does not have sales tax, so I was able to save there - thank you Montana!
In Canadian dollars it is approx $408.


Ceiling light above table and chairs.  Home Depot on sale $42+tax.


Pendant light above sink.  Home Depot. $62+tax USD
Bought this in Duluth, Minnesota

 I am wanting to keep this room bright and white.
I will be using my white shower curtain from the previous farmhouse.
Bought it a year ago, online at Overstock.

Currently the entire room, top to bottom, is covered in ceramic tile.  I will be removing it all.
The bathtub glass sliding doors will be coming down as well.

White painted drywall on top and white beadboard on the bottom.
Still have yet to find a light fixture to fit this room.
I want to go farmhouse style, but it just doesn't seem to go with the flow.
Flooring is getting replaced as well, just have not bought it yet.

Bought this white vanity at Canadian Tire on sale for $131.99 - $8.11 in Canadian Tire points = $123.88 +tax
Picked it up in Waterloo, Ontario while visiting my Mom.
She helped me pick out this cabinet, I had a few to choose from.

Silver mirror.  Home Sense $19.99+tax
Bought this while visiting daughter in Langford, British Columbia

I was at the house this week for a quick visit and the grounds are in need of attention.

We cut the grass, but the the flower beds have grown to weed.
I wanted to spray the weeds but the people living there now have a dog, and didn't want to take the risk of him getting sick.
I will deal with the overgrowth in June.

Can't wait to get a paint brush on this porch.

  Can't wait to get started on the grounds period....a house renovated looks pretty, but landscaping outside makes or breaks the property.
I am so excited to start the changes to the outside.

Screen door
I bought this Victorian screen door at Lowes for $169.
Same save the tax sale as mentioned above, so I took advantage of that.
Isn't going to look so pretty with the blue farmhouse!

I have only been home a few days from my trip out west, but the days are dragging.
I know it's all about patience, but right now it seems to be a bit wanting!

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  1. Love all of your choices - it is going to look wonderful!! I actually bought the same vanity cabinet - it was such a great deal and was just the look I was going for. Can't wait to see how you complete each reno - exciting times ahead.

  2. WOW....I think you are way ahead of the game with all the cabinets, light fixtures, etc you have purchased. You are saving money left and right. I know you will have a great house to resale when you are finished. I love your style. Will be following you on this adventure. Good luck.

  3. I really like everything you've bought for the house - it's all my taste too. I can't wait to see the outside once it's painted & cleaned up. thanks