Friday, April 15, 2016

New Farmhouse Flip

Phase 2 of April 28 I move on to my next phase of my long term goal. 
This sweet blue farmhouse gets a fresh new look. 

I purchased it for $102,000, my goal for Aug 1/16, is to put it on the market for $170,000 all sparkly new! 
I have been busy designing the new kitchen, choosing flooring and paint and everything else that the new kitchen will need.
 I'm getting ideas for the other rooms as well. It's keeping me busy, and loving every minute!

Follow along as I restore then style this sweet farmhouse.
Then put it on the market to sell.

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  1. Cute farmhouse! Anxious to see everything you are planning! ;)

  2. So happy you decided to go with this one - it definitely has the charm factor plus so much potential to be a very sweet farmhouse. I really enjoy following along to see the transformation - thanks for letting us share in your next adventure!

  3. I love this! Will be following you every step by step! Thanks

  4. I love this little house! I see you've already done some tweaking in the kitchen lay-out. I like the corner cabinets that wrap around to the stove and the counter top! I don't care too much for the industrial hood... and the cabinets are nice extra storage but, have that 'big box store' look. Maybe, a decorative hood cover instead?!
    I'm sure whatever you choose to do in that kitchen will be lovely! I'm super excited to see it. It is almost the same layout as my kitchen. So, I'm hopeful to get some ideas from you. I've always wanted to remove some counter and cabinets and put my fridge on the same wall as my sink (only to the left).
    This house is going to be irresistible come August!

  5. What a treasure with such great potential. How smart you are. Wishing you the very best! I haven't been over in a while. It was nice to visit you again. I'll be back to see the progress!