Monday, March 14, 2016

Tribute to the Fallen Old Barn

On February 25, 2016 my sweet old barn came down with a winter snow storm.

 Broke my heart.

I knew it would happen and there it is. 
All winter we have been experiencing record breaking mild temperatures.  A snowless winter.

The day started with a fresh blanket of snow.
Then later that day the wind picked up, a storm came barrelling threw, pushed the barn over.
Then the storm stopped and all was calm again.  All within one day. 
No loud bang, didn't hear it fall at all.

 I bought and moved into my little farm the Fall of 2014.

 That Spring a large section of the foundation fell over.  The beginning of the destruction of the barn.
I couldn't believe it, it was standing for over 100 years, and then starts to crumble on my watch.
Not even six months after I buy the farm, does the barn start coming down.
One of the reason I bought this property was because of that old barn.

I got a quote to fix that foundation section for $35,000.  No, not possible.

 I can't express how much I loved it.
I am one of those people who love charming old barns.

 I was so proud of that outbuilding. 

I loved being outside and inside this barn, always gave me a sense of history.  
That I was the newest part of this barn's history.
 A brand new family just beginning to make its own within its walls.

 Inside those walls it oozed with time of long ago.  
The vastness of the space echoed of family footprints from the last century.

Before this beauty fell down, I knew she was coming down and very soon.
Everyday I would go out and see that it dropped more from the day before.
So I had spent days removing all and any valuable antiques.  So glad I was able to save these.

I kept some barn boards.

I thought this beam was kinda cool with the hooks.  I'm keeping that as well.

You were a graceful part of this small rural home.
 A beautiful piece of architecture.  Of history.

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  1. Oh, that is so sad. I love these old barns too but they do take so much maintenance. I hope you have lovely plans for the barn board though :)

  2. Aw... so sad!
    Ours is sinking and one day I'm afraid it will come crashing down... I should probably start cleaning it out.
    It makes me sad to think about it.
    I know you'll miss it.
    Will you be able to replace it?
    Did your insurance cover it? I know its all personal...but just curious.
    Possibly, you could run an ad-- you'd be surprised who'd be interested in buying all that wood from you.
    or hauling it off, for nothing. No clean up for you.
    Ideas...things I've thought of myself.
    best wishes to you on all of it.
    Glad you preserved the memories ...digitally!

  3. It is sad to see your lovely barn collapsed like that Diane. I hope you are able to salvage some good wood from it or that someone else will. Good thing no-one was in it when it went down! Take care and all the best in this next adventure of your life.