Thursday, March 24, 2016

Farm #2 - Tour 2

This week on my Facebook page I posted a few pics of real estate homes and farms I have been viewing.
I am currently in the market for a property to purchase, renovate and then sell again.  A flip house of sorts.
You all seem to like the cute gingerbread house.

  So I thought I would show you guys a few pics of that tour.
I viewed it last summer.

A bit of info on this property...
Asking price $109,900
Located in a quiet hamlet, west of London, Ontario.  Population all of maybe 20.

The grounds were beautiful to be sure.

As cute as this property was, I had been monitoring it for quite sometime.
It sat on the market for a long time.
And for a flip home that I need, this is something that turned me away from this property.

 Didn't care too much for the basement.
These days I am looking for a crawl space if I am to buy an older farmhouse style property.

Kitchen was nice.  Cabinets would look nice with a re-face.

Other than that, I liked the home.  Little bit of paint would make this home bright and airy.
It was clean and cozy.
Would have a lot of fun decorating this sweet gingerbread.

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  1. Lovely place Diane... good luck with your property search!

  2. I love the's so cute and I can see you working your magic on the inside. It would be beautiful when you were finished decorating.

  3. I love it,and agree with the refacing of the kitchen cupboards. The property is gorgeous...all those trees,especially my favorite...birch!NIce advanced favorite by far!! MY name isn't coming up,but I am Theresa Rafuse