Friday, March 4, 2016

Farm #2 - Tour 1

As most you know I am heading into what I call "phase two" of my investment plans.
I am on a long track goal, aiming to be mortgage free, country living.
I have outlined these goals - investment properties versus farm #2,  and the overall end results.
Read it here.

 I also look at the overall decor design and style of my next investment property.
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So today I have for you a look at a potential small farm for sale.
At the price that it is listed $124,900, it is in my price range.  A bit of a fixer upper.
But the positive side, my mortgage will now be a lot cheaper than the farm I am in currently.
A win win for me, after all that is the purpose of doing this.
So as we walk through this property bare it in mind, renovates to be sure, but overall the bones of this home are good.

Let's start our first farm tour.

A white sided two story farmhouse, green steel roof.
 Roof is brand new, siding in very good condition.  Some areas of the siding could use a power wash.
A few outbuildings including a large drive in shed (barn) and a hen house.

I can visualize a small wrap around porch with a white Victorian screen door.  Add some landscaping.
Bricks to cover foundation area.

 I like that new roof.
I do question why there is plywood around the foundation of the house?
Good question for a home inspector.
There is no basement, only crawl space.

Barn looks new and in great shape.
Garage door needs a coat of paint.
Hen house is that little grey building to the right of the shed.

Love this windmill.

Visited this little critter, who was keeping warm inside the barn.

Can not beat this beautiful country road scenery.
On a gravel road, one neighbour down the road.
Surrounded by farm land.

Moving inside the house.
New and large country kitchen.

A few minor changes would be to add baseboard trim and a few doors.
What you are seeing in this pic is an entrance to the laundry room, bathroom and closet.

I can visualize changes to this space.
Move the fridge to the opposite side.
Paint the room white,  add an island with eating space, farmhouse pendant lights over island, lace curtains.
Keep the colour hue a soft bright white and grey.

Kitchen island, lamp, doors, Home Depot.  Bull skull art Bouclairs

The living room faces the front of the house.
Remove the panelling, replace it with drywall.  Change the door to a new steel white one.
Keep this room flowing with the rest of the house soft colours.

Now let's look at the design board on this room.
I carried the soft tones into this room, adding soft floral curtains.
This house has a definite country cottage atmosphere so I contributed the curtain colour to the mix.

Curtain Country Curtains, White furniture IKEA, Horse art Bouclairs, lamp Target

Moving upstairs.

There are two bedrooms.  One a small room and the other a larger master bedroom.
Love the look of angled walls and ceiling, a true country cottage look.
I can see the master bedroom renovated with planked walls, iron bed, grey colours.

My design board for this room.

I thought this property had potential.
Love the outbuildings.  A plus for the location, very quiet country road.
The house is cute, cute.
However there was a concerning problem I felt could lead into a bigger problem, there was evidence of water damage.
I notice there were water marks on the ceilings.  Then directly below these spots, the floors are slanting in a downward direction.  Suggesting the flooring has been effected by the weight of the water?
Could there be potential mold problems? 
You know water, when it wants to destroy, it destroys.
Not saying no to this property, but will continue to view other properties.
Just sharing this cute little farm.

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  1. It certainly looks great from your photos. (love that calf!) Hope it works out for you. I would love to see the addition of that porch & screen door. Awaiting your next post!

  2. My family room had paneling when we moved in. I thought about removing it but painted it instead and I love the way it turned out.
    I'm enjoying your adventure. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Looks like someone has done a bad remodeling job, taking away any old features it may have had. Steps look very steep. Outside plywood looks like it is to keep out cold air....I would stay away from it. Any land with it? Chicken coop looks to be in bad shape...plywood?

  4. I don't want to live on a farm but I like seeing them. Love old barns!