Monday, February 1, 2016

The Winter With No Snow

It's been a funny winter this year, my second here on my small farm.
A winter with no snow.

Or rather, a bit of snow here and there and then it's gone.

These pics were taken Jan 12 & 14 of this year.

November of 2015, we saw one day of light snow then it was gone well through to a green Christmas.
Then we had a blanket of snow for a few days in January, not that freezing snow that settles in for the season,
but that heavy wet snowman packing kind of snow.

 And then after a few days it was gone with the mild temperatures.
And to this day, February 1, it is still green.

A bit of a shame, because the farm looks pretty covered in white.
Not that I am really complaining, I am not a real winter lover,
but something can be said about the land being covered in white as far as the eye can see.

I think other parts of Ontario have been experiencing a white winter, but mother nature has deemed it so this part is snowless.

Inside the farmhouse.
 I have been continuing to buy a weekly supply of fresh flowers.
The week after I took down the Christmas tree, I cut branches off and put them in a galvanized bucket.
Okay not fresh flowers, but fresh nevertheless.
I could still smell that Christmasy pine scent.

I kept my pinecones from the holidays and incorporated them into my January winter decor.

 And switched out my Christmas dishes for my winter ones.
The Friendly Village by Johnson Bros.

As Valentines approached I got into the mind frame of this romantic red and pink month.
Started to buy the flowers in this shade.  And I switched out my winter to my Valentines dishes.

The barn....oh the old barn.
Parts of this poor girl is barely standing anymore.
I have made the decision to bring down only the worst part of the barn, and repair a section that is still good and strong.
So for this past month of January myself and my hired hand have been busy working on it.
Cleaning it out, taking down the worst of the worst.  And selling some of its precious vintage grey boards.

This section of the barn is the best, beams are still solid and sturdy.
I will get someone in the spring to have a look at the foundation and go from there.
I am doing everything in my power to keep this old girl standing another 100 years.

This pic was taken last May

How is the overall new year looking for me, my hopes and plans?

Daughter Rachel will be leaving the area for a few years to live in British Columbia.
She will be completing her Masters Degree in History there.  So I see a few trips out west for me this year.

I am in my final two weeks of my teeth treatment.  I have been wearing trays these past 10 weeks to straight my teeth back.
A year ago the permanent retainer at the back of my teeth broke, rearranging them, so I went into this treatment to get them straightened again.
Very pleased with this progress.

My investment goals have not changed from last year, still looking to buy a few investment properties.
If not a few then at least one.
This year I am saving to buy two artificial Christmas trees.  One white, one green.
Also looking to get more transferware dishes.  I am thinking red, maybe green or black.
And this is the year I buy those TV series dvd that I have loved for so long, but never had the spare money to buy.  Not this year.
There are some perks to being an empty nester I suppose.
My very fave is "Random Passage", it's already on my watch list on eBay.

This winter, so far so good.  January flew by, no snow and all.
February I am in no doubt we will get blasted with snow, so we will see how this month unfolds.

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  1. I love your house and the barn is wonderful. I hope you'll be able to help her survive another 100 years. It sounds as if you have you New Year plans in mind and plan to move forward.....good for you. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It is very green here in Niagara is absolutley balmy but after last winter no complaining from me :) I love the switch to the pinks and reds and your Old Country Roses...good luck on your To-Do list!

  3. Oh your home is so beautiful!!!!! I also collect the Friendly Village dishes, love them so.Blessings Francine.

  4. We are also very green this year, no snow, but I'm sure its coming!! Last 2 years were brutal here, so this is a nice change. My daffodils have shoots coming up!! I'm across lake Ontario from you, next week Arctic Air is coming our way!! Stay safe and warm.....

  5. Beautiful photos of your winter farmhouse especially with the snow. I also enjoy fresh flowers right now, usually tulips which are reasonably priced. I'm glad you are sort of rescuing the old barn and salvaging the boards etc. for sale. I'm sure your daughter will enjoy her studies in BC and I know you lived there for a while so visits will be nice for you. Happy February to you Diane.

  6. The pictures of your farm with the snow are so pretty. Glad you're trying to save the barn....a labor of love, for sure! I like red transfer ware....