Saturday, February 13, 2016

At Home with Sarah Richardson

So often when I am going through a home design book or magazine, I naturally gravitate toward country or farmhouse style.
Among other design inspiration, that is what I found and enjoyed with Sarah Richardson's new book -  At Home Sarah Style
While her book expresses many design styles, farmhouse was my fave.

Over the last few years I have drawn so much inspiration from her work.
She is a down to earth home stylist that is easy to relate to, one of us.

The Country House
 Her new country home was renovated with big-box store goods and materials.
 Not only giving you some ideas, but what to buy and where to get them.
Helpful info for us home reno DIYer's, making it achievable and doable for us to follow.

What attracted me to this room is the furniture floor plan around the window.
A large picture window that is a very common feature in some homes.  Especially homes built in the 80's-90's.
I love the soft neutral colours of this room, very relaxing, very elegant.



The family room.

The power room - those galvanized light sconces.


 Mother's Converted Church Home
 Of all her home designs we tour in this book, my favourite was the mother's home.  A converted church.

I couldn't get enough of this home.  I have always wanted to convert an old school or church.
And this layout is simply stunning.  I loved every detail.
 This space couldn't be more perfect for an empty-nester like myself.

 I'll confess that if I ever converted a church, I want to copy it exactly like this.
It appears large in space, but I am thinking it is maybe a small living area.
The height of the ceilings makes this home.
And those windows, love the chapel style.  That chandelier.  Those light sconces.
Yes, I can see myself living here.  :)

An opening in the master bedroom to the rooms below on the ground floor.

I tried to find some online pics, but just found those few above, so I took a few pics from the book.
Doesn't do it justice.

The stairs leading to the master bedroom, and other bedrooms directly below.
Like the layout.

The Farmhouse
I would say Sarah has farmhouse style down to an art.


Love the use of red in her first farmhouse.

The antiques throughout.

Thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Photo images came from her website.
Special thanks to Simon & Schuster Canada

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  1. Oh I love her style too. Her rooms always look so inviting and in such good taste.

  2. I love Sarah Richardson and I so want her book. I would move into the church home's beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. I laughed when I saw the photos of the powder room. That is my powder room! The only thing I did differently was put light above the mirror instead of on the wall. Thanks for sharing!

  4. So much inspiration for when we move out!