Friday, December 11, 2015

Singles Guide to Christmas Tree

This Christmas as I focused on how I wanted my Christmas tree to look, I had one thing in mind..I wanted a fresh cut tree.
Problem....great idea, but young strong son is writing exams right now and can't help with the labour of these heavy trees.
I knew this project would be too much for me to take on by myself....but I really wanted a real tree.
What's a single woman to do?

 Having downsized and given most of my Christmas stuff to the kids,
I was looking for a different idea.
This coming new year I will look to purchase an artificial tree for next Christmas, but this Christmas I wanted a real one.

So here was my thought process....
I was thinking maybe a 6-7 tree, balsam fir.
I knew right off the bat, the tree will be too tall for me and too difficult to maneuver.
And way too heavy.
So....what's a girl to do.

Maybe I could wait till the kids come home for the holidays, but that isn't until the 20th...too late.
I could get my hired hand to help, but that idea just didn't sit right with me.
Still really no further ahead, but I was determined to do this.  So I set my plan in motion.

I had a strict budget of $25.  Before I set out, I called around checking prices.
Armed with costs of various trees and the lots they were located,
I grabbed my keys, inserted the Christmas CD, and drove my Jeep sleigh ride into town.

As I drove from lot to lot, I was finding that either the trees were sold out, or picked over.
It was down to slim pickings by this late date in the game.
Not a happy camper.
Same day, I also had a few errands to run and was on route to Home Depot, so while there I checked out their trees.
And one came home with me.  Happy dance!
And of course me being me, I barter with them on price.  It being only a few weeks left to Christmas, see if I couldn't get a good deal on a tree.

 Score....they did!
I was surprised how accommodating they were with me.
So I looked at a few beautiful 7 foot trees, but the minute I tried to lift one up I almost fell over with it.
So....what's a girl to do.
She get's the store worker to help her put it back with the other trees.
He was the kindest human being ever, I think he was a Christmas elf in another life. :)
 I knew this size tree would be even more difficult to handle once I got back home, lift it out of my car, put it in the stand, etc.
Having to admit defeat, those trees were too tall and waaaay too heavy for me. what.

Then I spotted this little tree set apart from the other trees, a little 5 footer.
I looked it over, picked it up, moved it around a little bit.
Victory....I think I found my tree!
It was priced at $20, I asked if I could have it for $10....and sold.
This little beauty came home with me.  I think of it as my Charlie Brown tree.

Once home, I grabbed my hand saw and took an inch off the trunk.
Got it setup in it's stand with a bit of water.
Sure there were a few snags along the way, and a few choice words filled the air.
But it finally came together.  And it's standing upright.  Victory.

Next day, started trimming away.  It's beautiful.
It maybe small, but to me it is a perfect Christmas tree.

The moral of my story:
a) get a tree that is either the same size as you or smaller
b) have more than one Christmas CD in your vehicle
c) a bottle of wine may or may not be helpful when installing said tree
d) grit and determination

Another "I did this" moment....what's a girl to do! 

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