Monday, December 7, 2015

Property Investments Update - Christmas Break

Just a little update, and not much of one, but I am taking the farmhouse off the real estate market for a few months.

This pic was taken last November

I listed the property in early summer, I had a million people come through.
I was averaging about 3-4 viewings per week.
So many in fact that at one point I thought I should start to charge admission!
All this foot traffic and not one offer.
Then in the Fall I finally get a low-ball, quick closing offer.  I took it, but it was a stressful few weeks.
Eventually the deal died.
Then, starting fresh I got a new Realtor to list my house.  Within a few days after she listed the property I get an offer.
Not stressful this time, the purchaser were very accommodating.
However that deal died as well.
Two offers within one month, back to was crazy.
And since these two offers, nothing.
Bad Karma all around.
Won't lie, it is very discouraging for me.

So with Christmas as my excuse, I am taking my listing off the MLS market.
I will however still try to sell my home, this time privately, on my own through Kijiji.
I will relist again with the Realtor maybe in the new year, Jan or Feb.
Try to sell it again, try to get my property investment on a roll again.
I of course can't do much property investing, house flipping without the sale of my current home.

Just as much of a yoyo as the house, is the sale of the old barn.
I keep getting people out, they are all set to buy, I am expecting to get paid, and then on the 11th hour they back out.
Again, bad Karma.
So I am looking to get my hired hand to take down as much wood as I can and sell it on Kijiji as well.
Something about if you want a job done right....etc, etc.

 I talk a lot about my plans over the next few years.
Flipping houses to make enough money to finally buy a new, mortgage free small farm again.
I have been giving you guys a glimpse of these investment properties, the perspective flip houses.
I have not however been sharing farm properties that I have my radar on.
So here is one that I like.  Don't think I will end up buying it, but I love the outbuildings and the location.
I am on the radar for a new small farm just as much as the investment properties.
And although the new mortgage free small farm is down the road, I still look.

Perspective new farm?  Love the outbuildings.

I'm actually glad that I get to spend another Christmas at this farmhouse.
I can't say enough how beautiful this home is, and at this time of year it gleams. :)
 I can happily say, I am well into getting my Yuletide groove on.
A Christmas home tour will be coming soon.

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  1. have a wonderful Christmas time and enjoy the wonderful life you have. Good karma things will happen in the new year

  2. Maybe because you love Christmas time in this house so much, it just was not meant to be. After Christmas, you will sell it! :-)

  3. Merry Christmas Diane... the New Year will bring good things your way...I just know it! You have done such a great job on your home...I look forward to my visits!