Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 - The Year In Review

This year of 2015 was a very good one.

It wrapped up my first year living on this little farm of mine.

This was a year of personal growth and change.
I traveled.  I coloured my hair.  I lost weight.
I went on a 10 week treatment to straighten my teeth (the pic below is the before).
I bought some new cloths.

Me and my son in the summer

I got new wheels.  I drove it.  I road-tripped.  I love my Jeep.
In the winter I traveled in my vehicle south to Florida, then west to California. And then home.
And then in the summer I went east to New Brunswick and then northeast to New York City. And then home.
And then I traveled the world's longest yard sale in America.  Note to year bring a trailer!
I literally went coast to coast this year.  I touched the shores of the Pacific ocean and the Atlantic ocean, all this year.
It might have been my first year on the farm, but I don't think I was there much!

Did I mention I love my Jeep.
Planning to do the same again in 2016.  Me and my Jeep and Mo.....

Meet Mo the monkey...he travels with me.

 This was the year for my globetrotting daughter.
Literally she traveled the globe.....maybe not the entire globe, but she got a good start. :)
She strives to be a member of the 100 Countries go girl!

And she graduated with her Graduates Degree - Bachelor of Arts, Honours in History

And she bought her first home - a condo in the city.

I think she had a very good year!

 The Farmhouse
 Lots of changes and adjustments for my home.
The before and afters were phenomenal.
I pat myself on the back for the work I did on my farmhouse, I am so please how it turned out.

I painted.  I ran after chickens.  I learned how to drive a lawn tractor.
I went from pretty and styling mud boots, to practical tough working ones.
 I planted trees and flower beds.
I have seen more birds this past year in my backyard, then I have seen in my lifetime.
While I was once afraid of my creepy basement....wait...I am still afraid of my creepy basement.
Anytime I need something from that dungeon I get son to go....he is much braver than his Mama.
Not that it is a dungeon per say, I just don't do basements well.

And I visited the old barn every single day.
One year later, when me and the kids are talking about my place, we simply call it "the farm",
for reasons hard to explain that just gives me a good feeling.

I have grown this past year in the country.....I'm not so sure I can ever see myself living back in the city again.
I can honestly say I have found my happy place....minus the creepy basement of course. 

While we are talking 2015, let's have a look at the blog.  Sharing the five highest viewed posts.

 Country Christmas Home Tour
Probably the prettiest Christmas I have had in a long time, this year I stayed true to old fashion, natural, red and green.

From Broke to Blessed
This was a tough post to write, it took me months to compose it.
But here is my story - how I went from broke struggling young single mother to financially secure mid-aged single woman.

Choosing A Farmhouse Style
It harder than you think.
I may live in an original farmhouse, but sometimes getting the authenticity of this style doesn't always jive.

The Farmhouse - Six Months Later
Wrapping up my first six months in the country.  The good, the bad and the ugly.

Flower Power
One of best things I like about myself is my love of flowers.
And my home this year always had a fresh batch, not a day went by that I didn't stop and smell them.
This was the year I outdid myself for buying flowers.  Best investment for the soul!

So out with the old and in with the new.
Welcome 2016!

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  1. Happy New Year Diane...I look forward to following your journey in 2016!

  2. I so wish you would change your mind about selling the farm, Diane. It just seems so perfect for you. But it's not my life, it's yours and no matter what you do I'll still follow you :)

    Happy New Year!