Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Phase Two - City + Small Town

With the farmhouse being on the market, it has been a funny last few months.
I have looked at a few properties, but they never really seem to jive.
House hunting didn't seem to have a direction.
Until now.

Niagara Botanical Gardens

My goal to have a small mortgage free farm is still my number one focus.
And I will not lose site of that, I like living in the country.  No...I love living in the country.
But, the winds of change are starting to lead me in a different direction then I original thought when I first started Phase 2 (flipping houses to reach my final goal).
Looks like these winds are leading me back into the city.  Which is a good thing, a good investment.
But I am thinking of owning more than just one property....two.  A city property plus a small town property.
Let me explain.....

My mother just celebrated her 80th year on this earth.
I am starting to see that things are getting to be a bit difficult for her to do what she was and is use to doing.
We sisters try to help her as much as we can, or rather, as much as she will let us. :)
She is still a feisty senior, lives on her own, and values her independence.
Of late, I have been spending a great deal of time in the city with her, she lives in Kitchener, ON.
One night last week, after she had a medical spell, I didn't get home until after 2am.
This week alone, will make four trips into Kitchener.  Getting rather costly for me.

 I want to be a part of this phase of her life, if she needs me I want to be there for her.
So, I am thinking with the sale of the farmhouse, when it does sell, I will get a small condo not far from Mom.
But it doesn't end there.  I am now looking at two investment properties.
One condo in town with a mortgage, plus purchase a small house in a small town, this little home will be mortgage free.

Again, city property will have mortgage, small-town property will not.
I always thought that once I sold the farmhouse I would start my "mortgage free" lifestyle, but now I am looking in a different direction.  Yes, still have a mortgage, but the end results of this investment maybe worth it. I would just roll the present mortgage I have into the city property purchase.
And to be honest to myself, I would have fun decorating both houses!

This Kitchener condo below is the Realtors pic.
I know this area of town and it is a good investment area.  I will do well when I go to sell it.
And the property is close to Mom.

 The small-town house is important to me.  Just as important as the city property.
 I will need a little place I can escape too when the city gets to be a bit much.
And for those who have lived it, it is hard to move from the country back to the city.
Once a country girl, always a country girl I suppose.

I am please with this decision.  I feel my plans are more concrete, have direction.
In fact, this maybe a better and faster way to get my final mortgage free country home goal.
City properties are always a good investment.
And, once I have flipped my small town house there should be profit there as well.
Kudos to me!

Now, don't get me wrong, nothing is in stone of course.  Sometimes it just good for me to write it down.
Air out my thoughts.  I can't really do anything until the farmhouse is sold.
In this one month, I have already had two offers on my property and both have not gone through.

All I know is wherever I end up buying my investment properties, flip houses or "Phase 2",
whether is it one property or two, I will always want to come back home to the country.

So here I am full lady moves to small town, moves to the country, moves back to the city, moves back to small town, moves back to country!

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  1. I wish you well in your decisions. I guess I was shocked when you said your farm is for've worked so hard and it looks great! But I know you have a plan and I hope it all works out. I love reading about your adventures.

  2. I went to the Niagara botanical garden recently :) I like your plans - you always think of everything x

  3. This sounds like a solid and well thought out plan. I know only to well how important it is to be near your mom at this stage in her life. I was in a similar situation, and being closer to my mother was the best move I ever made, and I cherish the time I got to spend with her. The city property appears to be a sound and wise investment and looks like a very nice condo.

  4. You have a good plan in place and I hope it all works out for you. It's important for you to be near your mother to help her when needed. I do hope the farm sells soon so you can start this ball rolling. :)

  5. Hoping your dreams come true soon for you! Love the idea of you being close to your Mom and I'm sure she does too!