Thursday, November 12, 2015

Country Cottage Tour #2

Let's have a look at round two of potential choices for a new home.
Gearing up for the second phase of my long term real estate goal.
To explain this goal in a nutshell - I currently live on a small farm with a mortgage,
I would like to live this country lifestyle but mortgage free.
I am laying out plans to achieve this one house at a time.
Sell this home, buy and sell a few more "flip" homes at a profit and hopefully reach this goal in a few years.
To have a look at and review other perspective flip homes I toured thus far, click here and here.

One day this week my Realtor and I took an entire day and traveled several miles to look at five different homes all within the area I currently live.
All homes were located in either small town, villages or hamlets.
Out of the five properties, I only took pics of two.  The others were not something I was interested in.
And out of the two homes, one was a contender.  A small bungalow.  Located in a small village, population 1000.
Quiet street.  About 25 minutes from the 401 (Ontario's main highway artery).
What attracted me to this property was not only the price $59,000, but the bones of this home.
For a small house, it had a fairly good layout.  New bathroom.  Beautiful yard.
A few cons with this property is it is only a two bedroom, I wanted a three.
Kitchen needs to be replaced.  Heating is electric baseboard.
Not really thrilled about the enclosed porch/storage area off the kitchen.
Roof doesn't look to healthy either.
Have a look....

The living room.  Liked this layout.  Not sure about that ceiling light.

The kitchen.


 The bedrooms

When considering decorating this house, I am thinking it would look best dressed in a soft neutral traditional style.
Drawing inspiration for styling this house, I looked at a few mood boards.
All images I saved on one of my Pinterest boards.  This is not the main Pinterest board of The Olde Barn, it is a separate board I keep to collect ideas for my "flip" houses phase.  Follow along if you want.
This pic below reminds me a lot of the layout of the living room.  Love the soft, relaxing tone.



And pulling my own styling ideas together for the living room.


 Let's have a look at potential new kitchens.  I like these cabinets from IKEA.

Maybe incorporate a country rustic ceiling light fixture.


In the corner of the kitchen, have a pub style dining set

Moving on to one of the other houses I saw and took pics of.
It was a raised bungalow, located in small town just outside of Sarnia. 
Would have been a perfect investment, however it had asbestos.
This health risk was something I wanted to stay clear of, so we toured the property but in the end I walked away from it.
Have a look.

That wraps up tour #2.  The search continues.

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  1. Yes - the asbestos sounds dangerous. I love your ideas for the first home. If it is not too bad structurally I could see a lot of potential there!

  2. Yikes walk no run away from both of these homes.
    Asbestos...that's for sure a no and the other even though it has a lot of potential your HYDRO will be so high and with another
    increase in the near future you won't have any money for renos.

  3. I like the first house and your inspiration board.....You would make the house a beautiful home.