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Diana Today

This past August marked the 18th year since the passing of Diana Princess of Wales.
  Hard to believe it has been that long.
 When I look at images of her over these past 18 years,  I often wonder what she would have been like in this new generation.
This generation of world wide communication, Internet, social networking, instant photos, selfies.
Times have so very much changed since she was alive.
 This post is dedicated to how she would have continued to be a trend setter, in both fashion and home decor.
A transition from a young mother in her 30's, to young grandmother in her 50's.
And still leading the fashion scene.  And as she was and would still be, the most photographed woman of all time.

She and I were the same age, rather she was 1 year older than me.
She would have been 54 this past July.
And since our styles were so much alike, I put together this post with that in mind.
Keeping true to her choice of British designers.  Adding some from the Commonwealth countries as well.
She set the trends, I just followed.  So I will do my best to bring her style to present times as I think she would have done.

Let's start with her outfits.
I looked at the designers she wore back then, and put together outfits that she would be wearing from these same designers today.
Designers that maintained an elegant and classic look throughout the years.

 Catherine Walker
She wore Catherine Walker for both evening formal attire, and for day engagements.
 Classic skirt and jacket, long coats and gowns.

Catherine Walker outfit  hat source

Dress style coat.
Hat from Laura Ashley.

You will recognize this coat worn by the Duchess of Cambridge on her Australian tour last year.
I put Diana in the same coat, only a charcoal colour.
Matched it with a mustard hat by Australian Jonathan Howard.  Earrings from Harrods.

A two piece red summer suit.
Hat from Vivien Sheriff.  Earrings from Harrods.

She enjoyed wearing clothing from Bruce Oldfield.
Here are some of his present day designs that I am sure would be worn by Diana today.
Hat by Rachel Trevor Morgan.  Choker pearls are Cartier.

Winter fur trimmed coat.
Hat by Siggi Hats.  Shoes from  Harrods.

Another beautiful winter fur trimmed coat.
Hat by Siggi Hats.  Diana liked to wear veils on some of her hats, I thought it fit perfect with this look.
 Earrings from Harrods.

An elegant soft pink day dress.
 Diana liked her pearl choker necklaces, so I put her in a Chanel classic two strand setting.
Hat from Vivien Sheriff.

A classic Laura Ashley black dress.
Hat by Dillon Walwork.  Chanel pearls and Harry Winston earrings.


The Home Front
Diana lived her last years in royal apartment residence, Kensington Palace.

 Here are some last know images of her residence.

The portrait you see gracing the staircase is now hanging in her ancestral home,
Althorp House in England.

Her home today
So now, let's update Diana's apartment with a little bit of help from her favourite
clothing and home designers, Laura Ashley

A beautiful and comfortable place to relax at the end of the day.

Let's makeover her formal parlour with a cool royal blue.

Or maybe something softer in the pastels.

I am guessing that by now, she would have bought herself a home in the country.
A place to unwind, spend time with her children and grandkids.

So let's put her in a classic beautiful English Manor fit for the mother of the future King.

Once again, getting the assistance of her fave interior designer Laura Ashley.

Starting off with the formal rooms.  Here she would receive and entertain weekend country visitors.

A warm and inviting room to sit by the fire, reads stories to the grandbabies.

And at the end of the day, a soft pastel lilac bedroom to retire too.
  And elegant accessories adding to this room.

Let have a look at Prince Harry's room.

Giving him a room with a view.

And a few accessories to go with this room, keeping with his personality.

The rooms assigned to the Cambridge's will continue with the soft soothing colours and hue.

And not far is the nursery.

I am confident that Diana would have changed with the times, embraced the new technology age.
I can see her on Twitter and Facebook.  Giving tours of her home.
She would share her photos of her children, her grandbabies, her decor.
If that was Diana, she was all about change.
She would have continuing to work on her charities.  Encourage goodwill.  Promote awareness of people, nations living in distress.
An ambassador for the research and cure of diseases.
And as in her past, a fashion trendsetter.

Diana Princess of Wales
July 1 1961 -  August 31 1997

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  1. I adore this post! What a lovely thing to imagine where she would be now...

  2. I loved seeing Diana as well. I felt a special akin to her. We share the same first and middle name and born in the same year one month apart. I still remember hearing about her death. So shocking. She would still be beautiful if not more so. 54 is still young! I love the rooms you shared. Simply lovely!! Great post!

  3. Interesting post. I think the clothing choices you made for Diana were spot on!

  4. You certainly put a lot of thought into this post. She was a classy woman.

  5. I've always been a fan of Diana's. I saw this post in someone's sidebar (Pam from Playing with My Camera) and couldn't resist. What a great interpretation of Diana's style into the future.