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Blogger Home Tour - Proverbs 31 Girl

Welcome to the Blogger Home Tour Series.
Featuring some of the finest homes on tour in Blogland.


 Up for tour today is Allie who blogs at Proverbs 31 Girl
  I have been following her blog a while and love her home.
I draw so much inspiration from her style.
Her farmhouse transition has been amazing.  The before and afters you will hardly recognize.
So I thought I would treat us all to her home tour.  All wording is straight from Allie home tour.


The Living Room
The hardest part about this space was how incredibly long this room is.  It was already long, but then we made it even longer by adding the dining room to it as well.  I didn’t want it to feel so long, I wanted it to feel like separate spaces, which can be hard to do in an open concept.  I achieved the look by different flooring, rugs, and seating areas.
So here’s the before….


and the after….
cottage living room

and another..
farmhouse living room

We added the new door which let in a lot more light on the left, and also took out the little ceiling area and put in an arch to open it up a bit more.




don’t mind the empty frames…still trying to figure those out!
and this is the last shot from the back of the dining room.

And here is an update on this room from a few days ago.
For details on the planking click here

The Dining Room

So, here is the process we went through in renovating our dining.  I should first state that there wasn’t a formal dining in this house when we bought it.  Instead it was only an eat-in kitchen.  Some people are okay with that, but I love to entertain so a dining room was a must! 

 Here’s what it looked like before…

newhouse 009

Okay, this may be a little tricky to explain but I’m gonna try my best:)  See that wall way in the back??  That is now where our dining room is.  We took down that wall and pushed it back about another 10 feet.

newhouse 027

Here’s some evidence that I really did help:) This is actually the project we started the day we closed on the house.  We didn’t waste any time:)

newhouse 028

Did I mention what troopers they were???  We have amazing kiddos:):)  Toot toot….that’s me tooting my own horn, you can do that with your kids though!:)

newhouse 030

Okay, so this is a picture after we tore the wall down.  It opened it up to a small den they had on the other side.  It was quite big and we decided to eat into some of that space to create the dining room.  We then turned that den into our office…the room I’m blogging from right now:)

newhouse 005

Here’s the view from the den.  The wall in front of you is getting moved in to about the spot of the door on the left.  We since took out the gas stove and brick and may someday put that little stove in one of the outbuildings for a man cave for Ry:)

newhouse 008

I wanted to throw this picture in too to remind you that we took out that half wall and opened it all up, which also made our dining room bigger.
Okay, enough pics of the old, onto the new…
So just to jog your memory….the before…

newhouse 030

and the after…

Cottage dining room

I found a couple of chairs on an online auction for $15 bucks a piece that needed slips.  I  have been working on my slipcovers and for about $30 I had two new chairs for the heads of my table.  I then found these chairs at Goodwill for $10 a piece for the side of my hutch..


Which is always nice to have extra seating available:)


I’m loving displaying my white dishes collection, so soothing:)
 and here’s a view showing how the dining lines up with the kitchen..


We debated just taking that wall out altogether, but there’s something about a little division that is appealing to me:)  Separate spaces aren’t always bad, and we needed the cabinet space:)

cottage kitchen

and the view from the dining room looking to the open stairs..


and into the living room..

cottage house

And an current update on this room.
Awesome makeover to the buffet, check it our here

The Guest Room

So we had a cute little garage on our property that wasn’t functional.  The ceiling was too low and we couldn’t park any of our vehicles in it.  So somehow (God have mercy) I talked the hubbs into turning into a small guest house!  It’s been a fun project and a great space to use for company!

Here’s the before…

and after…


Just a bit of a difference.


I love how when you are laying in the bed, all you see is leaves.
Another before…

and after..




and here’s the outside before..


and after…


The Man Cave

For details on the renos and how this space evolved, click here.
But in the meantime here are a few the rustic chic.

They turned this outbuilding on their farm to this amazing space.

There is are still amazing rooms to tour in her home, take a stroll over and have a peek.
While your there say hello to Allie and let her know I sent you!

 Proverbs 31 Girl

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Such a transformation with every room. Really enjoyed seeing the changes. The white décor is so soothing and stylish.

  2. I love what they have done to their home and the outbuildings! They really are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I hope you have a great weekend.

  3. My oh my, how I love this style! Thank you for posting!

  4. What an amazing remodel!!!! I love how the rugs divide the long room into three. Gorgeous!!!!!